MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so quick update because I'm trying to not abandon this blog so much x3



it was awesome XD
pictures and/or video may come soon/tomorrow :D




Well I wouldn't be if I hadn't surrendered to curiosity at work yesterday [Saturday] T_T
Most should know I work at a movie theater. Well this week we got Paranormal Activity. Now if you, for some reason, haven't heard of this movie, it's suppose to be REALLY CREEPY. Like, freak you out scary, cause the whole audience to shriek in fear creepy. Yeah that kind. The horror kind. The R-rated for language and other stuff kind.
Well, curiosity got the best of me since people either hate it or it scared the... well... the life out of them almost. o.o; i don't hate it... except for the fact that I CAN'T SLEEP! XDDD
I was fine, getting in bed early... ready to fall asleep, charge myself up for the double shift to come [Sunday]. and then the images that really scared you from that movie--or at least the parts i saw (was working Usher and was super bored somewhat so i ended up popping into there; i saw the ending).
and then i found myself doing what i thought i wouldn't do because i half-expected those scenes to come from the movie anyway! I COULDNT SLEEP! i didn't imagine anything, i just couldnt sleep because every time i closed my eyes, i saw the images of that darn movie pop up!

so i'm awake.
it's about 5:40am...
i've been watching anime, mostly minami-ke. two more episodes and i'll have finished that series. but got kinda bored with it--i do that, even to a really good show.

so now....
i'm bored. x.x and tired....

i remembered i hadn't updated this thing since like, November I think it was?
well a lot's gone on since then. i'm off again, on again looking for a new job because our new GM (General Manager) at the theater is making work totally unfun. and i mean, to the point of ridiculous. there's a lot of stuff going on, so yeah, joy....
i've almost been there a year, well i guess they suggest i have been because i got my neat anniversary pin. i'd show you but well... ;P camera needs batteries and i'm a lazy tired person... XD

uhm other news... Christmas is this week.
yeah! :DD

i made my first AMV:

lots of other vids uploaded on my youtube channel kamikazestrwbry...
uhhhmmm.... what else? O_o
i have 440 manga right now. i'll be definitely getting more for Christmas ^^
uhm... oh! i started a collab channel! be nice and check them out, subscribe if you have a youtube account :D

it's a lot of fun ^^ i'm the Tuesday Otaku. each one of us, basically, gets our own day of the week. and each week usually has themes and stuff :) it's fun

uhm... i was sick a few days last week. but thanks to some nasty tasting Dayquil(it works?) and a daily morning Sunny-Delight :D i'm 100% again ^^

wow there's a lot, i think, that i'm not mentioning but can't think of >.<
anyway, miss you all lots! whoever still reads this....




OHAYO!!!! :D

So this week will be hectic, I'm actually able to get on here because I'm kinda bored after a running chat with fifteen (not literally) different people on MSN and MyspaceIM... XD

So let's play catch up! ^^
No new manga bought.
No new anime bought.
No new anything bought!

Christmas is coming up, but first comes Thanksgiving ^^ I'm working Thanksgiving night, bleh oh well, at least I'm projectionist :3 My fave position! XD I love it! ^^ Uhm... My story I started on the blogger is kinda failing if any of you have been following it, so sorry I haven't added onto it! D: I've been both busy and kinda mad at it. I'm not liking the first person view XD I forget and end up having to go back and editing out the fact that I ended up writing third person view (I'll explain only if you ask :P) instead.

OH! :D
On awesome news via youtube, I started a collaboration channel ^^ We haven't gotten any of our videos up yet, but will start this Monday :) I'm the Tuesday person, and the founder ;P hehehe
So check us out please! ^^


Uhm that's really all o.o
Thanks! ^^ Bai bai!


so i went walking into a store....

...and the front of the store said HALF PRICE BOOKS... and well...

I come out with a bazillion goodies! XD
give or take a few trillion... O_o
So Mom found these interesting Japanese mangas =o made by Koei Game Comics, and I suspect that these are based off of the games Koei makes (Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, etc). When I figure it out, I'll let you guys know :D

Of course manga! :P Lots of new goodies ^^ I'm especially happy to have Yotsuba, volume 1 of Tsubasa, Othello, and Imadoki in my collection! Hey, Lia... Lookie! GUNDAM! XD hehe

Q-Ko-chan! :D One of the very few "Q" titled mangas O_O This is also by the same guy who made FLCL, the artwork is evident in that. so far it's interesting. This is actually a big hardback with a cool hard cover to go over it. There is even a bookmark attached to the book's spine! XD One of those ribbony bookmarks :3

No otaku's anime shelf is satisfied--not even my bulging one--until THESE babies are on it! 8D My otakuness just went OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry, i just had to XD)

By the way, the DBZ seasons are the only thing new to the anime shelf photo'd above XD

uhm don't know what else to talk about really.
you should check out my vlogs 8D haha XD it kills two birds with one stone in a metaphorical sense: i upload a video on my becoming-famous(?)ish?? XD youtube account, and kinda am blogging as well!
the latest one I'm starting a new fad called Manga Alphabet :D
Basically you take the titles of your mangas, A-Z, and figure out which ones you have, and which ones you are missing =P
As of now, I'm missing the mysteriously hidden "J" O_o I found Q recently :D You can see it up above on the photos of awesome mangas I bought :3
Hmmmm what else? O_o
Work's been slow. I've been strangely tired most days for no real reason.
Oh... We have rodents in the house O_O Dad put out some poison, it seems to be working :3 But bro found another baby rat in his room XD Dad caught it! :O what a commotion it was though xD I got to see the baby rat....

it was kinda cute O_o;

Uhm anyway....
Vertical Limit is now mine >:3

For those who didn't know, TM Revolution is my ABSOLUTE FAVE J-pop artist 8D
i'm listening to it now too ^^

Anyway.... I think that's all really :P Nothing much going on.
Have a great rest of the weekend and week! :D



So yeah, it's apparently Nation Novel Writing Month as November.... Before I knew that, I was already writing up a new sci-fi idea that had randomly come to me. Its going to be on a blog not under this 'name'/email address :P Here's the linkie thingy:


pretty sure that's it anyway... lol... uhm so nothing new...
If you don't already follow me on twitter or youtube, then get to it! XD That's where I'm at mostly nowadays... IDK... blogger just... not enough followers? Not sure. Oh well... I'll pop on here every so often for those of you who don't have a twitter or youtube channel :P


simple little post really :)

Soooo guess what I did on Wednesday before work? Give up? Here's a clue ;D

That's right!!! I saw the THIS IS IT movie! :D
I tried to take a picture of the ticket, but it's white so the flash of the camera reflects... And I'm too lazy to turn it off XD Besides knowing me I'd end up turning it off and forgetting to change it :P haha...

Here's the front and back of that lanyard! Came free when we got our tickets. I went with my grandma, she's a big time MJ fan ^^ It was fun! Had popcorn and stuff :) But anyway, I ended up with her senior ticket, so that's kinda funny XD

Basically that's all the fun stuff that's happened lately. I'm working all day Halloween as projectionist, so I'm not bothering to dress up this year. Oh well! :D Later guys!!

PS... I was in such a good mood as projectionist last night XD I was listening to my MJ songs and practicing my moonwalking! >:D
I think I'm doing good >.>

THRILLER!!!! *dances* :D


wow... catch up? XD

Duuuuude it's almost been a whole MONTH since I last posted on this here blogger!! O_O Now THAT is far far far far.... too long! :P Soooooo... uhm... throughout that time, I shall try to recall what's gone down XD

Uhm... recently, I big time updated my manga shelf... woot woot... There's a bunch of videos on my kamikazestrwbry youtube account, one being the manga update:

uhh... yeahhh there's a BUNCH more vlogging videos XD randomly among them is this here fun thing I just couldn't resist uploading xD

Uhm... more fun kamikazestrwbry videos... you'll just have to go to my account xD there's just too many!!! Including~~~~~ a fun new mini-episode show I've started :D
The first two episodes are featured as openers for my vlogs:

The third I finally uploaded as a singular awesome vid all in its own :D

I like the intro XD heheeheee....

Uhm let's see... what else has happened? O.o
well the week after my failed trip to OK, my hours at work SKYROCKETED!!! XD I mean... friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday... DOUBLE SHIFTS! 8D So this coming paycheck should be delicious (much needed yes! XD) I'm loving being projectionist, but haven't had many of those.... uh...mmmm.... what else? O.o
Nothing really.... >.>
So yeah, twitter and youtube :D check it!
kamikazestrwbry!!!! :D



Alas, I didn't get to go to Oklahoma :( I was suppose to go with my mom's mom, but she had a miserable of a headache, so we didn't get to go XD
So I'm slightly miffed, because that means I got those days off, when I could've not and made a bit more than the measely 14 hours this week is going to give me >.< Oh welll~~~~

Hmmm on a more wonderful--the budget disagrees >.>-- side... That very sunday I was suppose to be enduring the drive up to OK, Mom and Dad and I went to Half Price Books. NATURALLLYYY I find something.

Here's the video! :D
Excuse my lack of enthusiasm. It wasn't just because of not going to OK, it was also because until yesterday, I couldn't log online on my laptop, hence no video making and whatnot... why? because i had no net security >.< I do now, so yeah!! :D

And here's the latest vid!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ that video... argh... horrible focus, horrible sound xD hahahaha go figure. No wonder it only took fifteen minutes to upload >.> Anyway... enjoy and respond back via youtube!!! :D

La la la....~~~~~ i wanna make another vid! XD


wii would like to blog! :D

So anyway I've got a mad craze for videogaming suddenly... I think that application to gamestop is at fault here ;P So I recently grabbed my Bleach: Blade of Fate DS game and started playing it. I think I'm in love! LOL I finally find another genre I'm good at! Even bro, whose PS3 name--if anyone wants to add him >.>--is VGManiac456... lol! He's like our videogame dude, the go-to guy :P Anyway... He says I'm really good at it ;P I think I detected jealous. LOL... Anyway, I've been looking around for more 2D Fighting games. I'm presently winning a bid on another 2d game (wont say what cuz you might snipe it from me :P), and hoping I get it! Might even go out and buy something for the PS3 maybe.
Been wanting to grab a Halo game, but meh... no gold membership on the 360 T.T Anyway....

As some of you know, I was trained as projectionist a couple days ago. Anyway, that went GREAT!!! :D I did the last round (which was only the second round that day) by myself ^^ So it was awesome! Didn't really make much of a goofup. Learned real fast how to thread the projection with the film pretty much on that first round (we have 8 projections altogether). It was AWESOME! I had so much fun... I DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE! O_O
Now when have you heard me say "wish I could've stayed longer at work?" :P Just about... NEVER! XD Not even when I first started I think did I wish to stay longer than scheduled! So anyway that was cool. Also got the days off needed for when I go up to OK this weekend/week :D That should be fun too.

Hmmm... nothing else to say. I might charge up my PSP and play that DYnasty Warriors game I haven't touched >.> I swear....

AH! The DS Holds a charge WAYYYYY more than the PSP! O_O
I have the 'phat' DS, DS Lite, and the PSP slim (2000?). I recently charged the PSP some time ago, a lot sooner than the DS Lite, and most definitely sooner than the phat. Anyway... I go to turn it on cuz I'm on this need for gaming spree... PSP won't turn on, of course; battery is dead :P I turn on the PHAT, it comes on; turn on the Lite, it turns on. GREEN, by the way. No red light! So yeah.... PSP in my eyes is the lesser of the two handhelds >.> Tho i do love some of its games... Castlevania, DJ Max fever, Dynasty Warriors and such.... But still... cartridges ftw!!!!


the tour....

duh duh duh duhhhhhh~~~~

Here we go! :D


pickles in a jar

how many pickles are in a jar!?
well depends on the size. but that has absolutely nothing to do with this subject today!!! i'm just in a crazy mood because i was in box office from 10:55am to 11pm!!! 8D minus a thirty minute break... but anyway.....

I was going to have a small new vlog posted up, but the cool intro Otaku Gray (one of my friends on youtube who makes AMVs) won't cooperate and he's a bit busy to send a different file type of the vid XD i wanted to post that up on it... but...... O.o i guess i don't know. . . .
So... I'm also going to do a video of my room, like one of those neat otaku room videos you may or may not have seen on youtube. just waiting for monday so i can finally post up my posters! :D gonna look awesome!!! XD i hope... lol!!!

~~on family news~~
going with my grandma to oklahoma next week. i just hope the GM gives me my requested days off. i'll be mad if he doesn't! GRRRR >=( Anyway, going to see my great-grandma and family up there. *gives a wave to Avie* hehehe :3

Soooo that's about it. no new buys because i'm so tight on money that i'm using my leftover walmart gift card to buy foods and stuff XD thank goodness we get paid this Thursday, tho i dread what the amount will be on it >.<

Hmmm so i think that's it? :) yep!

so later otakus!


It's peanut butter manga time!!!! 8D

Okay creepy and utterly strange title. But oh well who cares?

What's up for today? Two vlogs =D
One's a manga review though:

This one's the vlog ^^

Make sure to go to the videos on youtube to rate themmmmmmm =3

errr that's all i think. bye!

ps... does it look strange in 16:9 ratio? ^^;



^^ I have nothing to say really. . . . kinda bored. staying up late, RPing with my second favorite RPer on myspace.... basically all really. Been watching a lot of Golden Girls instead of anime. Oh well! Sometimes you need that old good comedy with REAL PEOPLE in it! XD Probably catch up on my anime sometime... eh... looking for a new job, been offered by the new GM to start training as the projectionist--yep the one in charge of the movies! and here at this theater, it's actual FILM not some digital mumbo jumbo :P so yeah.... that's comin' up interestingly enough. oh also coming up is AUTUMN!!!! And lots of goodies of holidays :D like Thanksgiving and Christmas... speaking of, Mom asked what I want for Christmas and I kinda blanked. I was all.. uhmmm... geee idk... get back with ya on that later :P ohhh i know what I'd love to have... that new ZuneHD!!!! >.> if only the highest were more than 32 gig... bleh... i've filled my 80gig almost halfway now. :D yeah! hmmm maybe i should ask for a terrabyte thingy O.o that could come in handy! =D

Oi! That's all!


meh just another blog

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. . . . . . . . . . . . .
I'm bored :D

Listening to a song over again ten times, but I still like it. Yep that's fun. Eating popcorn that's from the microwave not from work, lacking butter and the yummy fattening flavor I've been spoiled to... yep.... Oh and let's not forget the fact that these past days, it's been raining nonstop. That's nice, except for two incidents. One on Friday and one on Saturday. But I'm fine and well, and so is my car... Except for a little dent >.> Oh well. Idiots and rain don't mix T_T And some drivers are complete dolts sometimes.... But anyway.... uhmm... Going to do a vlog sometime this week, cuz I'm off for the next three days O_O Want to do some story-writing on the Odyssey of Karpyshyn, but I'm at a loss for the next chapter T.T
Uhmmm Mom found me an anime soundtrack, got it at Half Price Books for $6 i think. I haven't checked it out yet XD Been soooo busy this past week with dog-sitting and stuff.

Here's some pictures of the dog I was watching. IDK why I'm posting them... hahaha

And now... for breaking news. Dew censorship has become crazy! O_O

LOL! Gotta love my craziness XD

Anyway... I can't think of anything else to say. :P Going to attempt job hunting tomorrow. >.> I'd rather do it some other day... but Mom's stubborn and won't let me put it off -_- Oh well. Afterwards I hope to manage to go to see Transformers 2 :D


Manga update and quick bits of goodies :D

So anyway.... here's the lo-down on what I got during Half Price Books' 20% off sale :D

And now.... As mentioned in the video... what you didn't watch it?! O_O
Go watch it.... -waits-

Done? okay :D
So as mentioned in the video, I've got a box full of "new" Robotech comics! :D Unfortunately it's not all of them that exist. that would be crazy cool... but no... There's so many of them @_@ if they weren't in stacks according to series right now, I wouldn't be able to see my bed! XD
Which is a king by the way >.> In case you didn't know... that would help XD

The majority of the goodies comics are from Macross Saga and The New Generation. Which is awesome, because the New Generation series is my favorite of the three :D Among them are The Sentinels, and even one called ROBOTECH THE MOVIE! O_O that one's volume one!! :D Epically cool if I do say so ^^
There's a whole bunch others... I might upload pictures, or simply do a quick vid. IDK which one I'll do haha XD

Hmmm so earlier I saw Public Enemies, featuring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger. It was actually... boring o.o BAHHH!! XD That movie isn't short either! TT_TT So later... after I check on my grandma's doggie--whom, along with my brother, I'm ''babysitting'' lol--I'm going to watch another movie I was all pumped up and excited about: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll let you know what I think about it ^^
-sigh- I'm going to need another manga shelf at this rate O.o;



♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

Tunies! :D

Music notes are fun... ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

hehehehe ;3

Anyway, I am running away from the chore of putting up posters... hahaha... Going to see Star Trek again for the second time, this time with Mom and Dad :) Should be a blast! I'd be wearing my Star Trek shirt, except I got mustard AND ketchup on it! XD hahaha boooo

Oh well >.> That's whatchya get... for not using napkins! -_- may this be a lesson to you people.... Always have a napkin on your lap... and eat over a plate!

On another note.... I want to buy manga soooo bad! This Labor Day weekend, Half Price Books *my alll timeeee favoriteeee storeeeeee here in the USA!* is having a sale on EVERYTHING: 20% off!!! -shrieks-

Go figure that this month is the month that just about every bill on Earth that I have is due @_@ Time to do some unwanted 'mini-budgeting' XD hehehe
As you people might know, I don't budget well XD er... at all, really LOL
So here's to trying in the name of my poor wallet! ♪ ♪
Yeah music tunes :)

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

Oh and here's also to TRANCE MUSIC!!!! *lifts up iTouch* YEAH! :D
Go listen to this song:

"Beautiful" ~ Ferry Corsten

That's your homework. Anyway.... Later everyone!!! -runs off to hide from the posters again-


I'm feeling musical today...

I was bored some time ago, I don't remember when.... So anyway I was going through last.fm (I have the app on my iTouch, that's what I was using ^^), just randomly going through K-pop and J-pop songs. And boy did I find a bunch of awesome ones!
Soo good are they that I think I'll share them with you guys :D

Hope you enjoy!!! ^_^
Just click on the song, and it will take you to the video on youtube :)

ガラガラGO!! / ビッグバン

BIGBANG featuring 2NE1 - Lollipop [MV] [HQ]

High and Mighty Color - Hot Limit [PV]

Ketchup Mania - Namida Vaccum [PV]

G-DRAGON - Heartbreaker (OFFICIAL MV) HQ

2NE1 - Fire [Space] *this was the best version of two: street and space*

Tae Goon - Call Me [Dance Version]

After School - Diva

After School - Ah

DaVichi - Love and War (with subs!)

DaVichi - 8282 (Hurry Hurry)

And this last one has two versions: the one i'm sending you guys to is the single scene where they're dancing ^^
안무 {Super Junior} - 영상 {SORRY SORRY}

Anyway that's all for now! ^_^ Hope you guys enjoyed! :D


fun stuff *INCLUDES a mini-manga review!*

Sooooo I finished Samurai Champloo.
Talk about utterly random and hilarious XD
It was soooo far from the anime that I was all, wow... where was this scene and this scene and...

So which to do first? Read Samurai Champloo, or watch it? I would say READ it. Because the anime has closure, the manga really doesn't unless you read the BOGUS VOLUME 2!!!! :D LOL XD I am serious.....
Anyway.... sore throat... booo

But on the happier note... I'm talking to Wes again! :D yeah!!!! It was a very hard and depressing week and such without him X_X I'm glad he's back!

Errmm... so that's about it... I think....
Later y'all! :D



. . .hahahah. . . Here's my kinda lame attempt at a review XD

SAMURAI CHAMPLOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah for vlogs! This one was going around youtube and I happened upon it. Naturally I was all "oooo i wanna do this!" :D
I was kinda disappointed about what tunes it picked, so be expecting a Japanese/Anime version :3 hehehe

On a similar and more annoyed note... I had done a version for my Zune, and was uploading it to youtube. I just checked its status after sweeping floors... TT_TT it said it had an error... This thing, mind you, had an uploading time count down of 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_X So yes... It had about maybe thirty minutes left perhaps? -frustrated-

Anyway.... >.>
Ooohhh I'm also going to be finishing the editing on the last of my cd collection vids :D Anyway... later! *flies off*


Just Something Random (not a vid *sad sad*)

Well of course it's not a vid XD it's 12:43am :P the peeps are sleepin'! And I will be soon too :D

Just for random fun, though, I thought I would do an interesting post of my Top 20 iTunes / Zune songs :D
Just so you can take a peak into my musical world.... Of course, the iTunes one takes forever for new goodies to reach the top XD hahaha anyway I'm going by the play count of the songs ^^ enjoy! or not... whichever you choose >:D

~~MY iTunes TOP 20~~
20. "Blood Sugar" - Pendulum
19. "I Kissed a Girl" - Katy Perry
18. "Second Chance" - Shinedown
17. "Devour" - Shinedown
16. "Forever" - Chris Brown
15. "Break the Ice" - Britney Spears
14. "This World Is Watching Me" - Armin Van Buuren vs Rank 1
13. "Knights of Cydonia" - Muse
12. "Womanizer" - Britney Spears
11. "Dreams Come True" - S.E.S.
10. "Tired of Being Alone" - Schiller featuring Tarja Turunen
09. "LoveStoned/I Think She Knows (Tiesto Remix)" - Justin Timberlake
08. "I'm a Gummy Bear" - Gummibar
07. "Caramelldancing (Radio Mix)" - Caramell
06. "Ready, Set, Go! (AFI/Blaqk Audio Remix)" - Tokio Hotel
05. "Let It Rock" - Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
04. "Hot N Cold" - Katy Perry
03. "Caramelldansen (Speedy Mix)" - Caramell
02. "Circus" - Britney Spears
01. "Shattered Glass (Flashlight Remix)" - Britney Spears [[play count: 107]]

~~MY ZUNE TOP 20~~
20. "Tiffany Blews" - Fall Out Boy
19. "Paperback Writer (stereo)" - The Beatles
18. "Meteor" - T.M. Revolution
17. "Firefly (Mark Sherry's Outburst Remix)" - Mike Foyle
16. "Upside Down" - Boom Boom Satellites
15. "Glaze" - Arctic Quest
14. "Chelsea (Morgan Page Remix)" - Stefy
13. "White Smoke" - Arctic Quest
12. "Space Trip (Pattraxx Club Remix)" - Earth Shy-T
11. "Meltdown (Original Mix)" - Arctic Quest
10. "Meltdown (Tech Mix)" - Arctic Quest
09. "Bidibodi Bidibu" - Bubbles
08. "Somebody's Watching Me" - Mysto & Pizzi [[fun fact: this is the song you hear on the new Geico commercials]]
07. "Shattered Glass (Flashlight Remix)" - Britney Spears
06. "Invoke" - T.M. Revolution
05. "Drowning (Radio Edit)" - Groove Box
04. "Samba De Janeiro (Radio Edit)" - Bellini
03. "Here We Go" - Ozomatli
02. "Can't Stop" - Ozomatli
01. "Dear You (Vocal)" - Peshay[? unsure of the artist as i downloaded the song]

So anyway, that's a sneak peak into my media players! ^_^


manga update :3

check out my new vlogging channel please :D


Late-night post :)

So kinda bored as I watch Star Trek Voyager (dont get me wrong, I love these episodes, but with little 7 of 9 in this one, my attention kinda diverts XD hahaha)

Anyway I decided to upload a little update of my purchases some hours ago :)
We went to HPB, Mom was looking for a Japanese-learning book (yep! her and bro are going to learn Japanese, and once she finds those books, I am too :D) So naturally I tagged along. Got me some goodies, all CDs actually. Here's some of my prizes:


51 THINGSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

So this is one of those fun random things you can find oodles of video responses for :)
I did a slideshow on the otakusRawesome youtube account, then finally finished up the video version i had tried to do yesterday but surrendered XD

Anyway, enjoy!!!! :D

(PS this is going to play in HD >.>) I'm so happy for myself to have figured out how to get my vids in HD XD

(okay forget HD, it's too big for the blog! LOL!!!)


I have a headache the size of king kong (so it seems), i'm super tired at the moment, and i'm basically bored and restless because of this.

I was going to do a vlog on my new youtube channel (CLICK HERE) but..... well... not feeling up to it kinda hinders that -_-

Anyway.... here's a random picture of my awesome Robotech wall scroll:


I Made a Video Response to WhatTheBuckShow :D

seriously! :D

go watch the original vid then see if you can hunt down mine in the manyyyy manyyyy video resposts.

if you don't want to do that: here's the original video URL

and mine:

Lazy ;D hahaha



Dj Mix! :D

I was lately having trouble with my Torq gear (aka the pc-dj gear i paid a hundred dollars for). I was in the mood to mess with it for a bit, so I ended up struggling with the problems that were making me mad. I figured out one troublemaker and made it right, but the other one I still have yet to figure out what I did. If you care to know... I somehow turned the crossfader on the mixer into a sort of scratching thing for the audio clip that's on the right side... it's kinda hard to explain without pictures.

So anyway, I had to manually use the touchpad to crossfade and stuff. But I did it!
It turned out a bit softer and jazzy-er than I expected for a second Drum n bass mix (my first being a thirty minute long 'crazy' mix where i tossed in a LOT of Drum n Bass tunes to create one insane mix XD)

Anyway if you care to listen... which i beg of you to do!!! Here's the URL:

Click Here

Sooo besides that, I'm happy :)
Been chatting with bro for the past hour or so about Christmas presents, anime, manga, and pokemon. Mostly the latter XD
So anyway, check out the mix, leave a comment and rate pleaseeeeee :D

Thanks a bunch ^_^

follow my twittering self: Follow me for more quick bits of fun and randomness :D


manga reviews

So when one does a manga review, is it fair to review the mangas if you've not read it all? XD

just wondering what y'all's thoughts were on that.

anyway, feeling better. box office in the morning is hellish though kinda T.T it's like i dont want the fan on me, but i do... but i dont... bleh... makes me sick XD i'm glad i'm off tomorrow!

anyway i might also do a vlog >.>
supper's being made so i wont do it yet. hehehe i dont even know what to talk about! XD

anyway... i've been reading a lot of my manga lately, which is what brought on the subject of manga reviews ^_^


hey. . .

okay so i'm gloomy-gus today. can't explain why.

anyway, it's only up to part 9 now.... but all the cd collection vids that i've completed are here:
Cd Collection Playlist

that's the playlist.
comment, rate, blah blah


Dead Fantasy

Title says it all O_O
I'm hooked XD
i wanna do something martial artsy now with Final Fantasy characters... mainly Tifa XD
boyyy oh boyyy!!! @_@
my head's spinning XD it's almost one, i'm definitely going to need something relaxing to read before bed, otherwise i'm gonna be all 'waughhh!!!!' XD

anyway, here's what i'm talking about in case you haven't watched these awesome movies O_O



there's so far 5 parts D:
wahhhhh #_#



Hereeeee ya go! :D



XD ZOMG WTB BBQ!!!!!!!!!!

i want some BBQ now >.>

anyway, total random moment! I'm on a video streak, i swear! I'd be doing the cd collection video right now if it wasn't for me talking so loud i'd wake up the sleeping parents in the room right by mine XD

So anyway, I made this!

I hope it works out okay XD Song I used in there was the first fifteen seconds of "Tiffany Blews" by Fall Out Boy :D
I would have uploaded this to youtube but 1) they are doing stupid site maintenance, and 2) i kinda want to upload it to the not even made Kamikaze Strawberry Productions youtube channel where i vlog my butt off! :D

not literally >.>

anyway leave me comments so i know what you think!!!!


Vlog Test :)

So, being bored, not having time to do my CD collection video---that will be done on Tuesday, I promise!!!! :D Anyway, I decided to test out maybe a possible vlog? using the same video camera as other videos I've been doing lately. Music in the background is Smile.DK "Dragonfly".

Anyway... had little to nothing to talk about XD So let me know what you guys think! Any suggestions would be wonderfffulllyyyy welcomeeee!!!!!! :D

okay so I had to NOT go directly from the video camera XD so i'm going the roundabout way, producing it on this program and then uploading it THAT way.... Oh well, i realized it was wayyy to big in amount anyway to upload directly, probably why it took so long X_X Anyway... hope you guys enjoy :)

time- 5:28 pm.... shortly before i go to work... it's still not done uploading/processing. Sheesh if I knew THIS was going to happen, I'd just do my vlogs on a separate youtube channel... maybe name it after this one ;D

I might just do that. . . . O.o hmmmm.... interesting idea..... :D

time- 5:30pm... oh look its just NOW processing XD

time- 5:34pm . . . it finished! :D



:D yeah for internet words!!

Anyway... it's about two am... and i'm clearing out those obnoxious drawers i got from wal-mart >:D Why you ask? Well, Mom discovered awesome shelves for $17-ish each :D i got three, which should be plentiful for that side of the room. Anyway, i just emptied the drawers out, so now I've got an awesome mess!!!! :D CHYAH!!! XD
I bet you're wondering WHY in the WORLD am i doing this at TWO AM!!!!!???
Mom told me to.

hahahaha :D that's only half of the reason why XD It's because 1) tomorrow is my grandma's birthday party. We're going to this lake place, then coming back to our house for cake and ice cream, num num :D 2) the shelves can't stay forever in the back of my van @.@ And soooo comes to 3) In order to have this alllll finished before we leave for the party tomorrow morning... I have to clear this all outtttt before bed X_X Dad's going to do the transfer, then in the mornin' before we hop-skip-swim I get to go to wal-mart and say "HA HA!!! Take theseeee back and gimme my near-two hundred dollahhhssss!!" >:D

I know right?! Two hundred on those stupid things X_X I bought thirteen, i remember because the lady doing the count to check and make sure i wasn't stealing anything--as ifff ladyyy, besides you dont have anything worth stealing >.>--erm anywho... ^^; She made the remark about how thirteen was unlucky, which I smirked and stated, "can't be too unlucky cuz it's my birthday" She just grinned, a bit surprise and said "oh well I guess so". HAHAHAHAHA XD


What better way to wrap this up and do the "drop stuff off my bed onto the floor before sleep" routine, with a new 'tester' video... I dare say this one looks worse than the DVD collection T.T grrr....

VIDEO GAMES!!!! (I almost said 'anyway' again >.>)
Enjoy :D and goodnightttt :3


Definitely a test....

So anyway I figured out how to do some of the stuff, now I'm just testing videos recorded as uploaded on youtube.

Quality's a bit low, so I might mess about and figure out how to make it look better :3

Anyway, check it out ^_^

Okay... with that aside, I must say I'm super pumped!!! and now that I found the tripod and I've gotten the usual adrenaline for making videos, I'm actually thinking about doing a vlog of sorts... question is... what should it be about??? O.o


another set back

okay so i finally FINALLYYYYY decided on where and how to do this --kinda anyway? XD -- and so i'm picking through the CDs to arrange them so that i can hopefully do the video tomorrow morning after breakfast . . . and lo-and-behold.... disaster. i've got a few misplaced CDs... AGAIN X_X there's also some that i apparently forgot to put on the list, not so bad as misplacing some cds, though X_X so i apparently am in limbo about how many CDs i have until i find the missing ones.

also, i was doing practice stacks and apparently the fact that the foundation on the house is a bit messed up will affect this video considerably... it tilts the floor just enough where the stacks of CDs are dangerously tilting towards disasterously crashing into a domino affect with the other stacks.... -sigh-

on better news, i got my Robotech shadow chronicles wall scroll in the mail... but then again... i'm still messing with how to order my posters on the wall X_X

will this never end???? XD


Temporary set back

So the whole CD collection video is taking forever to do... it was going to be simplified by organization via storage containers. I'd recently bought two for the CDs... was just putting them in and i realize something I wish I'd noticed before: it's too short!!!! the CDs stick up, so the lid wont close properly!!!! X_X
So yeah... that totally kills that idea. So I'll have to take the storage containers back to Target and find something taller T_T I'm not happy... but at least I put the receipt inside one of the boxes, unlike a certain receipt for the drawers that I'm using for the dvds... yep, I don't like the drawers, and now I can't find the receipt!!! X_X

Anyway... Just a teaser, here's a picture of, two thirds I think, of my collection: CDs #305-#1005 (found my Hilary Duff missing CD so it's back on the list :D)

Yes in the middle of that arrangement is the book thing I use to number and keep track of my CDs :)
Also note that despite those being CDs 305-1005... this isn't including my Anime OSTs... I forgot to pop them in there XD Anyway.... the teaser video is up on my youtube account: check it out CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT
Check it out please :)


^_^ Here we go...

VOILA! :D The new mangas!!!

From Left to Right:
Beck volume 2, 4
Bleach volume 1, 2
Candidate for Goddess volume 2, 4
Claymore volume 1
Comic Party volume 1, 3
Crimson Hero volume 1-3
Dr. Slump volume 6
Death Note volume 11, 12
Dragon Ball Z volume 2
Dragon Hunter volume 12
Et Cetera volume 4
FLCL volume 1
Gentlemen's Alliance volume 1
Get Backers volume 1
Heaven! volume 1
Immortal Rain volume 1-4
LiLing Po volume 1-3
Love Hina volume 9
Negima! volume 14, 15
Onegai Twins
Penguin Revolution volume 1, 2
Petite Cossette volume 1, 2
Pita-Ten volume 1
Real Bout High School volume 3
Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 25
Tactics volume 1
Zodiac P.I. volume 1-2

on top from left to right:
Zettai-Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) volume 3 [in original Japanese]
Sword of the Dark Ones volume 1
Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode volume 1

all of these were $2 except FLCL, which was $1 because there was a bit of a rip on the back cover. TAPE! :D

Anyway that's all ^_^


wow... today... where do I start?

Perhaps I start at this: I HAVE ONE THOUSAND (Plus) CDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats number 1,000 you ask? It's this: Nausicaa the soundtrack.
$2.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

That's not all I bought though.... >.>
My manga shelf will probably be called overstuffed now... XD That's right. Manga. AND LOTS OF IT!!!! Since I have but an hour before work, I won't have much time to take pictures, so I'll have to do that post tomorrow or tonight. Whichever one has more time. ^_^
I will says this. Negima, Death Note, Dragon Hunter, dragon ball z, real bout high school, beck, bleach, and much much more!! Even a Japanese version of volume 3 Absolute Boyfriend! *i'm pretty sure that's which one it is* ^_^

Anyway, that's kinda all the time I have for now. More to come later :)



Anyway, today I FINALLYYYY finished K-on! :)
It was a pretty good anime, overall. I like how it was short---and funny XD Unlike the somewhat serious and LONNGGGGG anime I'm still watching: D.Gray-Man. It's a good anime, just a bit overwhelming because it's 100+ episodes :P

Anyway, on gaming news... I'm thinking about buying one of the .hack games :) Just thought I'd buy one used at gamestop and try it out finally. Dunno when I'll get it, maybe tomorrow? ^_^ We'll see.
Also in gaming news, I've finished level medium on Guitar Hero Smash Hits (PS3). I also started doing bass on expert just for the heck of it.

Hmm... that's about all I think.
Anyway, later guys!


+3 = 1,000 (also number 100 post!)

ZOMG!!!! I was just looking at my CD list that I've kept since forever it seems... I've only got three more CDs to get before I hit ONE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMG!!!!!!! :D

On a slightly related news, This is my hundredth post on blogger! ^^ Yeah me.

Uhm anyway... DVD reviews... I've thought about doing this actually, on youtube. Like an anime dvd/vhs... manga review thingy. There's a lot out there... so IDK... O.o

Really don't have much else to say. I've been watching Soul Eater, not too far, but so far it's pretty good :) I'm also working on finishing the 'playlist' for gigafrosty's dvd collection in 'excruciating detail' lol... there's like thirty videos @_@ But should've known. I mean, when you look at his collection... I mean... DUDE!!! XD you should check it out: Playlist HERE! Click THIS!

Anyway that's all for now I suppose. Lemme know what you guys think about me doing a review! XD



. . . . suddenly I feel as if I'm missing something because Eureka reminds me of Eureka 7--which I haven't watched X_X

Uhm anyway.... I found my adaptor... So yesssss pictures of the updates! :D It's a bit rough for the DVDs as I haven't watched/checked them yet... going to after this though I think :)

Anyway... without further ado..... the stuff I bought last week (I MIGHT miss a few things, I'm not sure...)

All right... IDR when exactly I bought this. But I'm pretty sure it was last week. Kiddy Grade volume 3. That makes two out of however many there are, that I have :D whew...

Wedding Peach volumes 3 and 6. I now have volumes 1 and 2 of the manga, and it's pretty much one of those "Sailor Moon" types. Pretty funny, and for three dollars, why not get these? :D

Cromartie High School. COMPLETE!!! I'm eager to finish up this series. It's hilarious! and short! Each episode is like ten minutes O_O

Trigun volume 2.... $2... what more can I say? ^.~

Lone Wolf and Cub. this I think I used one of the coupons on? I'm not sure.... O.o; Anyway... It's pretty good. Volume 1 of the series ^^

Kingdom Hearts complete; three dollars each, i think? Anyway--too lazy to check even though the shelf is rightttt by me!---This series isn't my fave. As a matter of fact, I'm not buying any more XD The facial expressions are hilarious, but they jump to the next episode right when the last one just started getting good. BLAH! Not a favorite. Also in the background is another by I bought not-clearanced. Thickness volume 1 Mao-chan! :D i love it actually, and was embarrassed/surprised to find out it was written by the same guy who writes Love Hina! *tis why they're right by each other; i rearranged the shelf by authors now*

Vampire Knight volume 2. I like this series :) 'nuff said! >=D

train-man densha otoko. volume 1. based on the movie Train-Man *which i reaaaallyyy want to see!!!!* and i found another manga in the same series I think? Called train-man. I didn't buy that one :( wahh! should have XD grrr... anyway....

DEATH NOTEEEE!!!! Slowly and surely I'm getting them :D And actually these are ones that I don't mind buying 'new' instead of clearanced hehe. So they're about four to five dollars each. Now i'm only lacking volumes 2, 11, 12, 13!!!!! :D

Hot Gimmick. a shojo. i like shojos, and this one looked pretty good after flipping through a few pages. now i just hope i can find volume 1!! XD

Naruto was two dollars each; and though some might shoot me for having this series, others will applaud XD i just bought them cuz i kinda like them, and gosh.. they were only two dollars each guys!!! O_O on top of it is By the Sword volume 1, haven't read it yet.. but anything with a sword in the title or on the cover or in the description.. well it catches my attention ^^ another clearance.... and another clearanced: Saiyuki volume 2. IDK howwww many of Saiyuki i've seen on my hunts during HPB! I finally went on and bought this one. haven't read it yet. hoping to get volume 1 first LOL. above that is one i hadn't seen before: Gamerz Heaven volume 2. basically, reading the description, it reminded me instantly of the .hack style of people getting into virtual games then something happens. haha! anyway, looked pretty good... and for only $2.48 *not clearanced! i love HPB like that... hehe* i couldn't resist this one which i hadn't seen before.

Technically the Star Trek manga I didn't buy until today. It's the first---maybe only?--manga that I've bought FULL PRICE!!!! GASP! How dare I you ask? Well that's easy. It was a gift card I got so to speak free as a deal when you buy Guitar Hero Smash Hits -this was some weeks ago- soooo.... the way I look at it, it's kinda free. HAHAHA!!! :D
The rest are .hack//twilight 3 the one i was missing; and .hack//another birth, $2 of course.


and now.... this one's going to take a while @.@

Basically we have the three dollar DVDs i found at my favorite HPB that i said wasn't a fave, but it's still standing firmly in it's place anyway because of THESE!!! hehehe All right.. we have going from bottom to top: Black Jack the movie *was not $2*; Innocent Venus volumes 1, 2; Get Backers volume 1, 2; Strait Jacket; Sasami Magical Girls Club season 1 *two discs inside*; S-CRY-ed volumes 4, 5, 6 which means i only have volume 1 to complete this.. now these dvds were fairly scratched so i gotta check them to ensure they play; RahXephon volumes 4, 5 *finishing touch that i needed to complete, aside from the movie which i almost got but didn't blahhh!* again i need to watch these because they are scratched; Beet the Vandel Buster volume 1, nicely wrapped up so i probably won't worry about this one lol; Once Upon a Time in Mexico... yes i know, not anime. but i LOVE that movie! Johnny Depp! <3 hehehehe (don't be jealous, Wes :P he's only an actor lol) then there's Kamikaze Girls. gotta watch that, dunno whether it's good or not, it looked it though; then in chinese/japanese form is The Forbidden Kingdom, and King and the Clown. i reallyyy need to check these because i'm not too sure if they work. they're like my Death Note LA movies, so i'm figuring they will, but i'll check anyway.

then on the farrrr right you can see two mangas. these are also new: Battle Royale 1, 3. i must inform anyone interested that these mangas are rated Mature! and for good reason! so if you don't like that stuff, don't buy these XD i liked them anyway >.> hehehe

sooooo i think that's all....
anyway, i'm off to update the ridiculously behind list on my other blog post. so... bai bai! :D

Okay I just checked King and the Clown, its wrong region code. waaah... Forbidden Kingdom won't do anything on the computer so i get to check it later. just watched Kamikaze Girls. I LOVE IT!!!!! :D it even has Anna Tsuchiya in it! love her! :D

long time no see :D

So yeah I haven't been on the computer AT ALL until now! @.@ Talk about crazy!!!

So since then, a bit of things have happened ^^ nothing major, in a good way I guess? Anyway... Going to keep this short... Just because... well, just because!

I got my Cromartie High School DVDs sometime last weekend or Friday, I can't remember which. These past days have just run right into each other @_@ Driving me crazyyy!!! Uhm, secondly, I DID manage to use that fifty percent off DVD. I was going to show a picture of what I got... (Samurai Deeper Kyo dvd set, complete in that awesome wood box thingy~~$30 with that coupon :D )... but the adaptor card I use for the microSD card that's used to shift photos from my cell to the computer has mysteriously disappeared... We all know why.... The past few days I've also been messing with my room. Finally finished that today :D However that adaptor, and one of my newer CDs has turned up MISSING !!!! X_X confound it! I'm hoping to relocate them tomorrow after work--which is a wonderful half day :D and thankfully the half day with the most shifts, therefore the most money ;) hehe...

Uhm.... bought a lot of manga and DVDs, some anime some movies--mostly anime :P--- the past week... I'm also behind on updating just about everything that holds a list or picture list so to speak of my collection :P Not cool but oh well can't help that, I've been uber busy with work lately @.@

Oh yeah... and if you've been eyeing that count I did and that's under my name and in the profile thingy to the right... (it's higher than right here FYI), Let me tell you that it is actually now behind as well :P I don't feel like counting atm because, again, too busy! X_X I feel like I have zilch time in the world! :D yeah me!

Anyway, I think that's all.... So, later everyone :)



So Cromartie is taking a bit longer than expected because righstuf is doing their inventory! T_T they just shipped it the other day, so I'm guessing it'll be here by Tuesday. BLAHHH!!!!! D: i no wanna wait!!! XD

On the lack of waiting news... I just had a blast today after work at Half Price Books ^^ we went to two of them. One I found a bunch of dvds for $3 each :D and the other I got $2 mangas, and volume one of Death Note; anddd the Black Jack movie which i didn't realize they had made O_O i used my coupon on that xD
Pictures will come soon, IDK when but they'll come... LOL!!!

I'm hoping for an awesomeness Sunday. That's the fifty percent off coupon O_O Epic! :D


this week . . .

Shall be interesting.

Got my room redone finally---thanks family for helping! ^^--and HPB has coupons of discounts for single items this week. I can only hope I'm off Sunday!!! XD the majorly big coupon, 50% off, is on that day!!! :D

Anyway, I bought some manga, and two dvds today. Used a coupon that was actually for this and next month. 15% off the entire purchase, so I saved a bit of money ^^ Saved money anyway because it's HPB ;D hahaha
Anyway... uhm... Expect pictures of a bunch of things LOL But not soon XD hahaha



I feel like I'm being sucked into the realm of busy! XD Saturday was AWESOME! Got me some manga, some CDs, saw Monsters vs Aliens *loved it btw!!!* and ate for the first time at Steak n' Shake... which was awesome as well! Then at Walmart, I finally got something to use to reorrganize my room totally and completely! I'll be getting rid of two of the smaller shelves in my room and my desk. And in place, i have like 13 of these drawer thingies that are colorized. I can't wait to show you guys what it'll look like! Hopefully I'll have a few spots for some of my anime posters finally! XD Might take down the inspirational pictures, some anyway I'm tired of. But I'm not taking down my Starry Night photomosaic!!! it's staying up! :D

Anyway... as i said, I did buy some things when we went to Half Price Books. I was most certain I'd find SOMETHING!!! I ended up finding a few clearanced manga, then ended up getting a really thick one, volume one of Mao-chan <--kiddish manga, but those are sometimes my favorites! LOL! Anyway... I found like eight, i think, bags that had like maybe six tops comics in each bag. They were three dollars each, and for teh most part that I could tell, they were ALL Blade of the Immortal. A samurai story I haven't really went into yet. I was close to buying them, but I haven't even read the other comics of anime/manga that i have so I decided to save my money and not buy the comics.

I got a Sakura Wars soundtrack for cheap, two discs! then two others I have yet to listen to because i was so busy! @.@ I'm even kinda speeding this along XD if you couldn't tell, then maybe I've gotten better at typing or... something...???? IDK!!! I'm too tired to make sense!! :D

Uhhh anyway.... I'll have to upload pics of what I bought, and then of the newly redesigned room. ^.^ should be a blast! i've got it in my head of its awesomeness... i just hope it turns out okay! It should since my mom's helping---i think!!! She's great at this kinda thing :)

Uhhmmm anyway that's all for now. Later!


Anime Updates ^^

THEY ARRIVED IN THE MAIL WHILE I WAS AT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

And then of course there was the other from amazon that I got on Tuesday I think it was :)

Anyway, here they are! Wait is over for you guys ^^

From Amazon.com I got, for $28.49
Bleach Season 2: The Entry

And the rest is from rightstuf.com ^_^ my new second favorite place to buy anime and stuff---Half Price Books will always be my favorite >.> But rightstuf.com's bargain bin is awesome XD too awesome to pass up!

So here we go....

Up first is RahXephon volume 2~~$5.00~
One of the three discs in the series that I don't have... Unfortunately, it isn't a thinpack case, like the others I own. So it's going to look soo out of place XD

Gundam Seed Destiny volume 2~~$5.00~
The last one I needed to complete this series! Woot!!

Trigun volume 3~~$5.00~
Also the last one I needed to complete the Trigun series. woot! hahaha... as you can tell though, kinda like the RahXephon case, this one is not going to match with the others. Why you ask? Because it's part of the Signature Series---the ones I have are not XD

Fat/Stay/Night volume 1 with ost~~$5.00~
Five dollars for an anime and it's ost... when each were four dollars a piece. Gee... no brainer!!

And last but not least...
Comic Party, complete thinpack~~$15.00~
.... I just liked this series, enough said :)

And there you have it. The update for this week I guess you could say :P
I just purchased the complete Cromartie High School---a really hilarious anime series that was actually cheaper to buy individual dvds of on rightstuf.com rather than buy the special daily thing that was around thirty dollars!!! instead---with stupid shipping >.>---i spent $21. though without it was $12 XD darn shipping and handling >.>
I should be getting that set around Monday or Tuesday. So excited! The show is hilarious, though episodes are short, it's well worth the money. I'm sure I'll be watching it a lot! As I told my brother, this show is now on my top ten faves---it's number ten though LOL

Uhm that's about it. I'll let you guys know what i think of Fate/stay night... as I haven't watched an episode before, but have heard it's quite good. That's about it, so... until next time... LOVE YOUR ANIME! :D



:P I'm soooo boredddddd. . . . .
I haven't watched any of the animes I'm working on or started yesterday. . . I just feel like a blob. It's kinda hot, too :P
I gave some thought of going to AnimeFest this year. But I might not do it because of money issues T_T Sad sad sad.... I want to go, but I don't think it's wise at this point. Though it seems like a long time from now, my slightly less than 3 years before being kicked out to move on my own, it really isn't that far away. Need to get some things settled and such. And that means no overspending!!!! >.>

Anyway.... EPIC BOREDOMNESSS begets the strangest things.....

Anyway, those are roughly done, because I also added the stuff coming in the mail---hopefully soon! XD


Awesomness has just struck :D
I got a bucketload of Perfume songs! ^(^w^)^ I'm sooo happy!!!!! Perfume is like my all time favorite Japanese group :)

Hmmm..... oh and some other tunes too.... :P hehehe

Uhhhh I'm drawing big blanks here, so I guess I'll just end this :P

Shame I don't have more readers >.>


the last update, pictures instead of video

^_^ considering the last blog, I asked if you guys preferred videos or pictures for updates----the single result was picture. So here we go. What was on the video, now in pictures ^^

One Piece manga JAPANESE *haven't figured out which volumes yet XD*

Excel Saga volume 2 -- hilarious! i want to get the anime actually XD

Moon Phase, Japanese volume 1 --with two discs, i'm assuming it's volume 1, 2 in one volume???? not sure X_X haven't watched it yet.

And of course, whenever my new purchases arrive, I'll do an update.

i refuse to go to slee. . . zzzzzzz.. . . . .

So anyway, rebelling against my newly input bedtime schedule.... I'm awake at 2 am. I think I'm too hyped up over something, but I'm not sure what. I figure it's the new anime I got cheap yesterday, online shopping as part of my new budget.

What's that, you say?
It's called an allowance ^_^ It's so far helping me not spend a hundred dollars in one place. I average about $20 a week, maybe... Depending on how nice the paycheck is :P Last week was not so grand, but I didn't care XD

Anyway, a friend via youtuber and twitter told me about rightstuf.com's bargain bin and such, and I finally checked it out yesterday because I was reaaaallyyy bored. Come to find out, we had nothing planned for the 4th of July T_T ----I'll get to what happened during the fireworks in a bit---So I was uber bored and decided to check it out.

This was... like... heaven O_O
The bargain bin held so many goodiessssss I wanted to buy them alllll!!!! Amazingly I limited myself to about forty dollars, and that's with the eleven dollar shipping via UPS--i don't trust our mail all that much, so i went UPS. I'll talk about the purchases another day. ATM i'm just rambling because I can't make a video where I talk XD hahaha! (been wanting to do one of my anime and manga collection for months now but can't get the bravery to ask if i can borrow our video camera... yet... i will one of these days ^^

Anyway, getting off track....

I bought maybe five things on there I think? For the most part, they were missing DVDs on sale that I needed to complete some collections I had.

I compared the prices of a few of these bargains with amazon.com--another place I buy online ^^... some were cheaper used on there, so i refrained. While scrounging through amazon, however, i found something i jaw-dropped to. Bleach Season 2. $28.49!!!! XD When i bought season 1 at HPB, they also had Season 2. Thirty dollars, then, it was. I didn't buy it there---and now i'm glad!

So anyway... that's all the cyber fun i had, besides watching more D.Gray-Man *new homework assignment so to speak by the anime guy from work ^^*

Now for the lame 4th of July *next year i'm working XD fireworks just don't hold any magic anymore for me :(*
Amazing coolness is that fireworks are visible from our neighborhood. We just have to walk down to the corner and voila. However, upon doing this, my brother ended up sitting on an ant pile O_O.... he's slightly allergic to the bites, but he's doing okay. last year, he got bit by ants, too... i'm wondering if next year he'll frown and go "i'm not going" XD
Oooo another fun fact: bro's learning how to drive. He's been learning for a while, and he's pretty good at it too! :)

^_^ now I just remembered something... I was wondering... Do you guys prefer the updates via pictures, or the short videos? :) Just wanting imput!
Miss everyone on AD :( totally stinks that work is driving me away from basically everything. I need another job... but my raise is due real soon... T_T so it's frustrating to think I'm leaving just shy of earning that twenty cents! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... idk if it's even $.20 >.> XD i won't know until next week-ish... blahhh... i hate box office.
people expect you to know how good the new movies we get in are, but they never let us view them when we get 'em... unless we went to the main theaters (ours is a discount one) to watch it when it first came out. T_T i might, if the theater we get to go in free wasn't fifteen hundred miles away >=O *exaggerated but who cares?*

>.> so that's my ranting for now.
i'm pretty much a bubbling, walking human of unhappiness right now XD
Anyway... at least i'm pretty much over my illness or whatever it was that was messin' with me for two weeks TT_TT..... so there concludes, i guess, this rant/blog.


here it is! ^^

Darn blog didn't post yesterday. I meant to upload this YESTERDAY, but accidentally closed the tab and since have forgotten until I uploaded the vid via youtube.

Anyway, I STILL haven't figured out the problem with the audio going hyper-chipmunk. Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated ^_^

Anyway, here's the stuff :)



So anyway I'm on a budget -again-. This time, I'm allowing myself a bit to use for whatever, instead of it being strictly bills and whatnot!

Anyway, brief run-through while I'm waiting for my frozen dinner thing to cool down *what do you expect from someone working at a movie theater? XD*
Friday--nothing happened really. Work work work was all that was!
Saturday was the fun/exhausting day! XD It was my little cousin's sixth birthday party. We went to this awesome pool place in Arlington; kinda like a kiddie version of a Hurricane Harbor or whatever water theme park you have, yet without all the stuff. It had one slide, and then a bunch of little pools connected to the Lazy Stream thingy whatever they call it XD But the awesome part was how it wasn't crowded despite its smallness, andddd the pool's deepest parts *mostly every part* was only 3ft 8inches!!!! XD SOOO AWESOME!!!!
Why do you say that? Shouldn't I like deeper water? XD heck no! I can't swim!!! surprised? XD not really. never had a pool, and i'm not fond of them---i pin that to my near-drowning experience as a kid. Anyway, we got there around 1pm... left around 5pm i think it was? anyway, i stubbed one of my little toes on my left foot against one of the step things. So now its bruised something ugly. Yesterday i was major limping; i was major limping today too, its a bit better thank goodness. So anyway, birthday girl and my aunt and them were still playing in the pool, but we were pooped out, so we dried off, changed clothes, and headed tooooooo... HALF PRICE BOOKS! :D
I got to finally return a twenty dollar PS3 game (midnight club LA) that I'd gotten during that trip to Galveston we went to weeks ago. But, naturally, I found stuff. I'd post them up now, but I haven't any pictures or anything. Let's just say I got more than one thing for the price of that game. *make that.... six things hehe*
Anyway I'll make sure to post another blog with pictures about the goodies I got ^^
After that fun, we went back to the cousin's house and had cake, stayed for a bit, then headed home. I was soooo tired!! But my coughing, which has been consistently annoying me since Friday or Thursday I think? keeps hindering a peaceful early sleep.....

For those who don't know *all of you lol* I've been going to bed around midnight and waking up at nine-ish so I can eat breakfast now before work ^_^ Starting a better routine! Hoping it helps this weirdly extensive sickness go away! I'm tired of coughing, it's wrecking havoc like a giant headache on my brain! D: Not to mention my chest hurts XD

....which was basically what all today was in the box office. It rained today, that was the only good point XD i think anyway....

Uhhh that's about it. I'll upload pics and stuff tomorrow maybe ^_^


anime is absent in this blog post

O_O i just realized something. . . .
Every day, for at least an hour or so.... I get the hiccups! XD

Anyway.... work in the next two days and who knows when else--as I don't know the knew schedule until I'm there tomorrow. I'm just hoping I can handle working. . . Right now I'm coughing and occasionally sneezing. But I know how this trip of sickness goes. about a week or so into it is how long it lasts. Starts with a sore throat, begins with coughing, and then the next two-three days... it's the nose trouble T_T Which means, come tomorrow.... I'm going to be sneezing my head off!!!
Thank GOOODNESSS I'm just in box office and not concession! . . . Unlesss. . . they have me back there with the concessionists. Oh wouldn't that be smart! XD

Thinking about a new job again. I really need one. I can't handle so many hours of work! It's just too much :(
Anyway, nothing else knew.... -sigh-
Later everyone



just finished the last episode of Samurai Champloo!!!! :D

uhm... that's it ^^
Night! :D



So yeah been uber busy with dumb work lately T_T
BUUUUUT Tuesday, the day I was off after we got back from our "vacation" >.> Proved to be a wallet-bully. AKA I bought something expensive XD HAHAHA

It wasn't anime!!!! *SHOCK!!!*


Guitar Hero Smash Hits! :D
Guitar Hero Metallica!!!!

I played them forever when we got back from shopping on Tuesday until late that night. And haven't been able to play them since T_T
D: Don't get a movie theater job!!!!!. . . . Unless you work half shifts. Those are nice. But for me, not good enough in the budget department T_T grrr!

Oh yeah... the past three days of work were lame and boring. Today especially since they actually had me in the box instead of at the concession stand with the box office computer :P Box can be so lonely :(

Anyway... That's about it, except I want to share a new favorite remix song ^_^
by Sam998899 ^_^ Look him up on youtube! And follow me on twitter!!! ROFL!


{{psss... i'm watchin Samurai Champloo ^^}}


back from vacation :)

Well this weekend was.... interesting to say the least! The best part was on Sunday and Saturday. Monday was an utter flop :P Except for getting to eat at Dairy Queen ^^

Saturday morning we left for Houston/Galveston. Arrived somewhere around noonish? Headed off and discovered the wonderful Half Price Books. I got an armload and then some of new mangas. Not a single anime DVD to my surprise! I got five CDs at the last HPB we went to, on Sunday. Anyway, before I pop in on the awesome mangas I got.... Here's a few random pics I snapped throughout the trip ^_^

Yes, sandals. Mine to be exact ^^ They hurt my feet something bad though. Which stinks because they're pretty awesome :) I don't even know why I took this picture. . . hahaha!

Galveston's Moody Gardens. I had to take a snapshot of these awesome pyramid shaped buildings :D We went to the aquarium O_O And let's see.... I took a bunch of photos and a few videos. My favorites were the ones I took in the tunnel. Sharks! :D
Let's see if one of the videos will work. No sound, because it was taken via digital camera, not video camera XD

Not sure what video clip I picked. But it had a picture of one of the five or so sharks that was in the tunnel part. That was the best part. We spent around two hours in there, taking pictures and stuff ^_^
Here's a few more videos :D

[make that just one :P]
Videos take a while, so I'll just dash on to continuing.
Anyway, naturally I had a blast at the Half Price Books. But only some were fun--we went to maybe four? There were others we didn't go to :( Sad sad... oh well....

Anyway..... without much more wait, because we all know you're eager to find out what all I got... ;)
Here it is!!!!
I bought the majority at one half price books that had a shelf upon shelf of manga clearanced from one to three dollars. Then! In the regular unclearanced section of mangas, Mom told me that they had marked their manga down from the usual five dollars!!! So naturally I looked, and to my utter excitement, I found the following!!!!!

At two different HPB, I found volume 2 of Azumanga Daioh; and at the other I found vol 3 and 4! :D COMPLETION!
But it was that one HPB that rocked the trip! ^_^
Here is the rest of them that I got: all propped up to pose on a dresser at the hotel room...

Because I think it might be hard to see what all is stacked up... Here we have the list :)
Altogether, with a coupon of minus 20% off entire purchase, the majority of that *not including the AzuDaioh mangas* is about $81 :D

Azumanga Daioh ~ volumes 2, 3, 4
Blazin' Barrels ~ volume 5
Bleach ~ volumes 8, 10
Chobits ~ volume 6
Death Note ~ volumes 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10
Dragon Hunter ~ volumes 5, 6, 7, 8, 11
Gate Keepers ~ volume 1
Gundam The Last Outpost ~ volume 2
Gundam Wing ~ volumes 1, 2
Gundam Seed ~ volume 1
Gundam Seed Astray ~ volume 3
InuYasha ~ volumes 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 18, 19, 23
Rurouni Kenshin ~ volumes 9, 14, 25
Samurai Deeper Kyo ~ volumes 8, 14
Slayers ~ volumes 2, 3
Slayers: Super-Explosive Demon Story ~ volume 7
Tenchi Muyo! Sasami Stories
Trigun: Maximum ~ volume 5
Yu Yu Hakusho ~ volumes 4

----I'm soooo going to have fun arranging the first anime shelf to fit all the new additions! XD time for rearranging! :D Good thing I'm getting rid of a bunch of other books.... Leaves an empty spot on my other shelves ^^

Well anyway, that's about all. I'm going to compose all the videos taken and pictures into a youtube video and use a CD i got as the background music. The CD is based off of the music used in the Monterey Bay Aquarium ^_^