monster in a box!

So while sitting on my chandelier, I pondered up something.....

There's a box in the closet.

There's a monster in the closet.

What if the box.... is the monster's home?! O_O
If I remove it, the monster is homeless, yet at the same time, still resides in the home. If I keep it there, the monster shall forever terrorize me with its presence!!!! TRAGIC!!!!

Actually, no. Monster In A Box is friendly monster, actually ^_^ So he shall stay in the closet... and guard the closet's contents with his mighty.....

..... o.0 mighty yell...? mighty ... rawr?

Well whatever he does with a mighty might... he'll protect the closet! =D

~Welcome to my imagination. Where fact is twisted unless its obviously fact.~

2 remarks you left for me!:

Avie said...

Yeah for monsters! I think I harbor a few under my bed ^^

Anonymous said...

I always thought there was a clown in my closet. O_O'