what's up with the blog's title?

I'm not feeling up to going into big time long time depth so here's the short definition for you curious cats out there:

there's an awesome [and i mean A.W.E.S.O.M.E.] internet radio out there that plays jpop, jrock and anime tunes. you must check it out. here why don't i give you the URL?


Anywhoza... There's a chatterblock on that website you perhaps just checked out. And in that chatterblock, we awesome anime tune listeners and requesters converse with one another. I think I'm the craziest one there. Could be wrong, who knows? ;) But anyway, in that chatterblock, I gave birth to the most awesome idea ever: a chandelier that's sturdy enough for you to climb on, big enough to sit on, and fun enough to have made the first part of that chatterblock's imaginary room's furniture!

So there you have it.

2 remarks you left for me!:

Avie said...

WOOT!!!! YEAH!!!! This is Kiyuri from AD btw! Glad to find ur blog! :)

King Ashura said...

I'm really going to like this blog! I'm glad you started it!! :)
Good luck! ^^

- Lia