When Life Throws you a fastball.....

.... hit it as hard as you can.

Standing there letting it go by is rather stupid in my opinion. It's like letting opportunity just fly right over that plate without you even attempting to take a crack at it.

Odd.... I'm using baseball references, and guess what? I don't like baseball! HAHAHAHA... how's that for twisted?

Hmm, another twisted factoid: twizzlers.

But enough about weird stuff.... let's get on to the important stuff. Like, the big questions: why do I have an empty water glass on my desk? Now THAT deserves tackling! So I shall sit here on my chandelier and ponder up the reasons of why it's sitting there instead of sitting in the kitchen sink, or beside its fellow dirty cups in the dishwasher....

Alas, an answer is evading me!

Perhaps I shall simply defeat the whole entire ordeal by taking that dirty water glass and sticking it right where it belongs. OFF MY DESK YOU FIEND AND INTO THE AREA WHERE YOU AWAIT YOUR NEXT BATH!!!

-takes a moment away from the computer to complete the task spoken of-
-returns to you eagerly awaiting bloggers-

Hmm... Now what? O.O

Hmmm.... maybe it's time for a little personal rambling? As I seem rather good at that. Plus, I think I need to get a few things off my chest.

This will take a bit of summarizing to do for those who are reading and have nooooo earthlllyyy clueeeee as to who is the man I'm about to mention: Wes. That's what I call him, and apparently I was the first too. Yeah! Points for me! Anyway, Wes and I have been talking online since Jan 14th of last year. Some months afterwards, he admitted to having a crush on me, which I felt was rather wild... I'm just one of those sorts who thinks anyone having a crush on me is wild and completely unthinkable! I don't not encourage him to let go of this crush, mostly because I love the idea of having someone crushing on me... that and, I'm the kinda person who needs love. Not parental love, I have that; not sibling love, I have that too. The kinda love that smothers you to the point where you feel like you just walked into cupid's sauna. That kinda love. So anyway, time passes, and the longer I chat with him, I get this feeling... the warmy fuzzy feeling :)
Now, you must understand, I've been through two or three failed online relationships. And this guy's far more special to me than any of those exes... So I don't want to lose him like I did the others. He agrees with me, thankfully, about the whole 'no online relationship'. He also agrees here and there to mellow down his show of love for me, just so I'm not melting in that cupid's sauna.

Now comes to the point I'm pretty sure I was going to make.
Last night, we only got to chat about an hour or so. A devastating blow to the usual seven to twelve hours we spend chatting on the IM and roleplaying on myspace [which didn't happen last night much to my needy dismay]. The reason is because his computer's caught a virus. And between our thin chat last night, he tried and tried to get the darn thing to go away, but did not succeed. Finally, it became the obvious choice: to turn off the computer for a few days until he could think of something to tackle the virus.

It's a blow to us both, and I think it's going to be more for him than myself as he loves me so much.... Yet, to my surprise, reality hits home harder than a baseball. [There I go with my references of a sport I don't like.... wonder why I can't use football?...]

Reality is that I love him, more than I realized.
And today, when I woke up, eyeing my computer. My hopes are that he appears online on yahoo IM... but I know he won't. And I realizes that the main reason I log on every day is his main reason to: just to chat with each other.

So... anyway.... Here ends this blogger's report of the morning. Reality can suck, reality can not suck.... But most importantly....

Find a place for those empty water glasses before they attempt to take over the world! O_O

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Avie said...

I have 2 comments for you:

1. I hate baseball just as much, if not MORE than you do!

2. Why can't you call him? Or is this not part of the mysterious world of online love?