Adventures of The Crew of "The Chandelier".... EPISODE 01

The time was around lunch; the year was 2109.

It's a Monday. And no matter how many years in the future any human being is, Mondays will always suck. There was only one good Monday the crew of the Chandelier ever knew of: pay day. That was perhaps the only time they knew of a good Monday.

Today, was not a good Monday. Pay day had since long been moved to Fridays, and at that it was the first of each standard month. That had been last week, and already supplies appeared to be low.

The captain looked around the console of the cockpit. The slightest touch of the wrong button could send their ship into a mad spin, or just simply destroy it. Or, to the lack of excitement, just turn the power off until the button was pressed again.

The captain was a rather well-built man of great wisdom, and quiet nature. He appeared to be in his late-forties perhaps. But in truth, he was nearing sixty. His jaw was roughened up with unshaved hairs. He liked the rugged, unshaven look; and, oddly, it went nicely with his features. His name was not hard to forget, but would have been lost in any directory of any city: Jon McDaniel Smith.

The same could not be said for the co-pilot, the Chandelier's second in command, and the best engineer around: Leon Taylor. Leon was perhaps in his mid-twenties, not much experience except what he had as a mechanic in a port city of the highly populated and trafficked planet of Mo'atakka. He had come about becoming second mate of the ship mostly because he was the first person Jon had hired upon retiring from his luxurious position of a big company that dealt with selling goods to different planets.

Jon had wanted adventure, and had gone off to do just that instead of retiring like he was expected to. To further his excitement, he had bought a ship that was more fitted for a larger crew than he had ended up with. It ran smoothly through space, however, despite lacking the minimum amount for a crew.

The last hire the captain had needed was someone for communications and, if needed, security and weapons. He did not really think there would be too much need for the latter, but he did desire a well-educated translator, fluent in more languages than he had ever heard of. Despite his lofty position, he had always relied upon a droid to do this duty. Now that he was retired and off for adventures, he felt a droid would just burden him more than an organic being. What he had landed was a pirate of sorts, well-educated in more than he could have hoped for: fluent in five thousand languages, most of which were far too similar to be counted as separate, yet were classified as such; skilled with just about any piece of weaponry; and a history of knowing the underworld better than most so-called pirates.

What gave the kick of entertainment was the fact that this pirate was a woman. Deirdre Valentine, was her name, but most of the mercenaries and pirates apparently referred to her as Bloody Valentine. For whatever reason, Jon wasn't a hundred percent sure, he just knew that Valentine was just about the nastiest person whenever she got angry. The type of person you would always want to belong on their good side; she took no prisoners, and had no reason to keep any either.

That was his crew.

A young engineer and a ill-tempered pirate.

Well that was suppose to be all of his crew..... An unexpected journey was brought upon by the lack of supplies that had come upon them recently. The nearest civilized planet that Valentine had suggested was Rosh. It was a lot like the ancestral Earth that was so far away from their present time: lush with foliage and oceans, towering skyscrapers in the civilized parts, and the thrill of independence within each denizen.

It seemed like as a good a place as any, and things seemed just fine.... But it was Monday. And nothing ever seemed to go right on Monday. Jon's suspicions were right, much to the other two's dismay.

Pirates lurked in these areas sometimes, hoping for a good prey to fly right into their traps. It was unfortunate that they had set up one just recently and were awaiting a victim to slide right into the trap without taking a second thought of going ahead. Valentine should have known about it, and perhaps she had and just was in a sour mood and wanted everyone else's day to be rotten.

For whatever reason it was, Valentine didn't say a word about the possibility of a pirate trap. And so, the Chandelier flew right into the trap without hesitation in anything.

The trap was sprung; the pirates attacked without a second wasted.

Despite her efforts in the guns, Valentine wasn't able to stop the horde of pirate ships from taking down the ship's shields. Of which led to the over-confidence of the pirates shooting again. This time, the damage was bad for them all. The laser blasts hit a weak spot in the engine area, striking hard the ship's main core of power. The explosion rattled the ship right into the orbit of Rosh's moon, and without much power or anything to help, the ship headed right for a disastrous crash landing.....

to be continued

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