Adventures of The Crew of "The Chandelier".... EPISODE 02

"We're gonna crash!!" Leon shouted, leaning forward, eyes wide as he held onto part of the console that didn't have any buttons or switches. His wild gaze turned towards the captain as Jon struggled with the controls. "We're gonna crash!" Leon said again, as if it needed repeating.

"We heard you the first bloody time!" Deirdre snapped as she returned from the gun turret. She looked at the both of them then out at the view in front of them. "Crash landings are one things I hate most about flying," she grumbled, shifting over to the left to take the chair behind the captain's.

Jon frowned, hands tightening on the yolk that directed the ship's motions. He struggled to keep her steady so at least the ship didn't tear apart before they made it through the moon's thin atmosphere. "We won't die, Leon! Now hush up and help me!"

Leon swallowed hard, still convinced he had mere moments to live, but moved over to help make sure the ship was holding steady as steady could happen.

"Shut up, Leon," Valentine eyed him.

"I didn't say anything!"

"You were thinking it! So shut up!"

"Now is not the time for you two to bicker!"

One of the consoles above them sparked before catching fire.

"Ah!" Leon turned his attention away from helping Jon keep the ship steady. His gaze widened on the enflamed console part.

"I got it. Keep your eyes where they need to be," Valentine got up, snatching the fire extinguisher set in the back wall of the cockpit. In moments, she had that fire, then another, put out.

Leon turned back to the console, then let his gaze roam a bit up to the view before them. The fire from the atmosphere lit up the cockpit with enough light to last for a good day or two; but there was no way to harness its energy to do so. Eventually it gave way as The Chandelier broke atmosphere and was in the moon's lower atmospheres. Various alarms throughout the ship were going off at once; lights flashing, meters blinking about the fast drop in altitude.

"This is gonna leave a mark..." Valentine cringed as she shoved the fire extinguisher back in place then took her seat, watching them without much other noise or words.

Jon kept his hands as steady on the yolk as he could. The ship was rattling violently now, almost knocking out the noise of the alarms.

"We're gonna die.... We're gonna die..." Leon was murmuring under his breath as he watched the altitude meter drop farther and farther, faster and faster as the ship fell from the greenish sky of the moon's habitable atmosphere and towards its rocky grounds below.

"We would pick a mountainous part of the moon...." Valentine remarked.

"We're gonna..."

"Would you shut up?" Valentine eyed him again. "I don't like someone telling me on repeat that I'm going to die! Once is enough, twice is a little annoying, more than that makes me want to kill myself and get it over with!"

Leon ignored her. He was going to die anyway... At least he could die fast, if he kept irritating her enough, that is. At the rate he was going, he was almost pushing her to that point. He didn't dare look back and see if he was succeeding or not.

"We.... will... not... die!" Jon declared. His words were sharpened by the ship crashing into the grounds below. The sound of metal being ripped from its seals irritated the area. The ship bounced up, skidded through the air for a moment, then slammed back down to the ground below again, jerking them about like rag dolls along for a bumpy ride.

Valentine reached up and snagged hold of a latch on the ceiling. Leon let out a yelp and closed his eyes as he went back to holding onto the console for dear life. Jon continued to fight for control of the ship, trying his best not to let her tear apart already.

A few more jolts and jumps, and the ship refused to bounce any more. It eventually skidded to a halt after crushing more than a few miles of landscape on the moon's habitable surface.

Leon kept his eyes closed, determined he was dead. He was leaned forward, unmoving until he felt something smack him hard on the back of the head.

He jolt around, eyes wide open as he stared at Valentine. "Congratulations, you're not dead, and neither am I or the captain." She smirked.

to be continued

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