D, in the form of Death Note's L, N, etc...

D. .

A mysterious figure arises from a foggy afternoon in some town of a far far future where robots walk the street among humans, cars look like concept cars, solar powered is the way to go, and gas stations are becoming obsolete; space flight is more common, and humanity has populated other planets besides Earth! The year is 2284. It's around spring time in the Western Hemisphere of futuristic Earth. Humanity has shifted their ways of pollution only now because of strict rules written as law by the United Nations, which has taken over as a sort of Council of Earth, and have become the leaders of the world.

Crime still lurks in the slums of Earth's most populated cities, as well as other planets now occupied by humans. On one particular planet, there resides the mysterious detective of sorts. The police only know of her as "D" a codename that suits as that is the screen used.... Only a handful of police joke that she's the new "L", having to explain about a manga and anime series from years ago called "Death Note". Most don't take this seriously; and some despise "D".

Mostly because of the techniques she uses to catch criminals, sometimes against the rules, and sometimes strictly abiding them.

{Idea I just thought of. wanted to write it down and get some suggestions and such from my readers here :D So tell me what you think ^.^ It will probably change up a bit, of course. This is just the rough draft of sorts.}

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Avie said...

I think that D should have a crime-fighting kitteh sidekick named Kiki.

The Otaku Dark Jedi said...

i think that's a cute idea :3