HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOHOO!!! I've been 22 for a week... and nothing seems spectacular just yet o.0
No fireworks.
No sudden appearances of any mysterious beings of aliens O.o

hmm... being 22 isn't as exotic as i.... DIDNT imagine LOL

Yeah I'm making things up. Creativity is the best entertainment, after all!

So.... I'm sitting here, munching on dove chocolate.... and then i realize as i reach into the bag.... I just ate the last one in the bag XD
So yeah, guess what is already happening? @_@ I've turned hyper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hyper Dee is most dangerous and entertaining XD Keep a look out, I might raid a town near you!!! LOL

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Avie said...

I got mad loves for Dove Chocolate!!!! Awesome stuff! :)