shattered glass

So anyway, I downloaded this one remix of SHATTERED GLASS by... hehehe Britney Spears! a new tune off her Circus album. anyway, i love this song... so yeah >.> been listening to it all day and night yesterday. Not tired of it just yet hehehe

But besides that point I wanted to say....

If you could ask me 3 questions and I could answer them.... what would you ask me? :D
Ask them in comments and I'll answer them!!!! :D

4 remarks you left for me!:

Avie said...

*is listening to shattered glass* hmmm, not bad!

1. What do you luv most about Texas?
2. Why are you a dark jedi and not a good guy?
3. Rocky road or mint chocolate chip

The Otaku Dark Jedi said...

~Answering Avie's Qs~

1. the fact that when it's cold, it's just cold. Not snowy, freezing or sleeting! I like the warmth ^_^ and the heat hehe

2. because i always liked the bad guys, though i root for the good guys too ;) Yet, whenever I do a story or my sw fan-fic, the characters tend to be more bad guy than good guy. just a thing i suppose

3. actually neither. not a big fan of rocky road; and i HATE chocolate and mint mixed together XD exception to this rule is Andes chocolates :)

Anonymous said...

1. Favourite book?
2. Morning person or night owl?
3. Do you remember the name of your favourite childhood toy?

The Otaku Dark Jedi said...

~answering king ashura's Qs~

1. so far it would have to be "Dialogues" by Stephen Spignessi

2. night owl all the way XD

3. yep. GI Joes and hotwheels! haha. i was such a tomboy :)