Being A Shop-a-holic Isn't Enough. One Must Go a Level Higher and Become. . . An Otaku Shop-a-holic....

I would consider myself quite the shop-a-holic... but only when we're talking about Star Wars, music, and anime... and of course, mountain dew, but that subject's for another blog ;)

So yes. I mingled and dabbed my happy little fingers into the gold-mine of my favorite store: Half Price Books. We went shopping for some hours, arrived before I had to work that fateful Sunday evening... hehehe...

For a fact, I did hold back! We went to Best Buy after I was over-joyed at my discoveries at the last Half Price Books {look below, you curious eager-beaver, for the list of my purchases!}... and I refrained from spending $35/$40 (cant remember which it was) of a volume of Death Note and a collector's figurine that came with it. They had three/four different ones.... and boy did the temptation burn. Yet, I came home not with them [but boy do i kinda regret/wish I had XD]....

What I did come home with is awesome itself :)
This is a rough list, as I'm on the fifth cd of which i bought, listening to them and such. Half of these are written in ... Japanese. let's just leave it at that XD So yeahh. . .

But here is what I can make out of what I bought:
I'm just going to cram them all together here, no sense in dividing them. If you're that curious, just beg in a comment ^^'

Yo Yo Ma Artist's Choice
Andy Hunter Colour
The Rasmus Dead Letters [zomg I've wanted this in a cd form for a year now. bought it on itunes but that wasn't enough for me!!]
Yoko Kanno Be Human [i spotted this first off because it said "Bandai Entertainment" on the end. i tend to solo things out, skimming across for those items i just HAVE TO HAVE. like anime osts and the such. anything with japanese script also catches my eye....]
Malice Mizer "unknown cd title atm" [written in japanese, so i have NO EARTHLY CLUE what it is XD I'll edit this in whenever i do find out though, so check back tomorrow ^^]
Dragon Ball Z OSTs... [uncertain which ones they are. but it came with two, despite it being a single disc case. oh well!!!! =D no one said anything, so yeah! ^^]
Various Artists John Blair Party volume 5 [cant resist a dance cd... especially if it's only a dollar! YEAH BABY!!! score!]

btw... most of these are three dollars and less. so now you can stare even harder at what i write. LOL

Samurai X OVA soundtrack [one of few that is actually 8 dollars]
Ergo Proxy OST opus 2 [again, eight dollars]
Macross Pluss ost [this one was only six! lol]
Ridge Racer IV OST [8 dollars. MIGHT take this one back. it's kinda pathetic, but would make awesome background music for my xbox 360 Burnout Paradise ^^]

and then there are two . . . .J-pop????. . . albums. written for the most part, in all japanese. i couldn't resist, so i bought them both [$1 a piece ^.~] i'll let everyone know what i think of them . . and who they are XD hahaha! :D

another cd went hiding on me.
my Tommy Heavenly6 cd!!!! i had no clue what this was at first actually, as the artist name was written in Japanese. but the front part has "heavenly6" "tommy heavenly6" written ALL OVER IT!!!!!!!!!! XD when i discovered who and what it was, i think i did yelp out happily!!! :D heheheh!!!

now if i could find Death Note OSTs.... that would rock ;)
oh well, another adventure!

ah wait!!!!
how can i forget the three dollar anime dvd i got!?
it's nothing special, but i was in that buying anime mode i suppose. the only dvd i bought, actually: Panda-z volume 4. it's a kiddish stupid funny show from what i've taken note of by watching volume 1 {its listed in THE SHELF blog}.

and then there's the book i hadn't seen before and couldn't resist [unlike the one for almost eighteen dollars, clearanced, that i didnt get before-hand at Fry's Electronics :P blargh! too much for this big-spender... how ironic XD haha] but anyway... getting off track here. sorry ^^'

the book is a small paperback [four dollars wow! half off though! XD] book entitled:

Star Wars: Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide"

"i had to have it!" ;)
picture of it and other things coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 remarks you left for me!:

Avie said...

giiiiiiirrll, you got a problem! LOL

Anonymous said...

WOW, dee! O_O You really are a shopaholic, eh. Amazing. In fact, it's very cool, haha! I won't shop at all. Everybody always has to get stuff for me, because I just won't buy anything for myself. I know, pretty stupid, lol.
Let's see, out of your little (LITTLE?!) collection there, I'm very pleased to see: THE RASMUS AND DBZ!!!
*peeks through your window* Hm, now where did she put that CD? :P

I'm glad you got all that writing done this morning. I hope you'll share some of it here...^_^

Kinky-san said...

hehehe yes!!! i love The Rasmus!!! i found them through an amv a friend had on her profile, and i fell in love with the song, then the band :3 they are soooo awesome!

and of course i'll share what i wrote. probably in another blog i'll bring it up. ^^