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How many of you were intrigued by the title? ^_^

All of you, eh? ;D
Hehehehehehe.... Well I just wanted something peculiar, as this shall be another peculiar post! yippeee! ^_^
Hmmm so first off.... I've been dropping between obsessions of story-line settings lately: science fiction, and a sci-fi fantasy of sorts. You can thank this due to the fact that I'm in the process of another book in reading: "Mass Effect: Revelation" by Drew Karpyshyn.

Yep, that's the book. So far so good; just like the other two books I'm in the process of reading. Somehow, I always end up "simultaneous" reading, as I call it. The other two books you probably already know about:

I just love pictures in my blogger. hehehe...

Hmmm let's see... I finally went out and bought groceries today ^_^ As most of you know, I pay for my own food, and I was basically only down to bags of chips that I wasn't too thrilled about; a bag of delicious cheddar ranch pretzels [taste like combos, if you've heard/had them before]; store-brand club crackers; and half a container of chicken salad {the kind with the celery and mayo and whatnot in it}. That's it!! XD oh and some meat; but i had no cheese, and no bread!!! X_X
Unfortunately, in an odd way, it was reallyyyy reallllyyy nice outside! It looked like rain not but a moment before I left. But it cleared up, most definitely now. I want to stay outside :(
Darn laptop batteries wont sustain enough power though X_X I loved doing that on pleasant days: sit out on the front porch, laptop on what I was then using... another sort of blog that I've ditched. Anyway, hopefully I can figure something out. If anything I'll just abandon CyberWorld and linger outside with Mom maybe ^_^


I'm in a picture mood I think. I might get the camera and go outside. MAYBE.... Hmm... that sounds fun! :D

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~avie~ said...

yeah for pictures!!! ^^