cyber-chandelier and a pair of hot dogs

and you know why. At least, if you often sit in on the convos I'm involved in on the chatterblock at armitunes.com you will know why.

I love that cyber-chandelier. And one day, I'll have my own to play on. But as for now, it's just a dream :P

But anyway.... Chocolate!!! i love me some chocolate. and am unfortunately eating more of that dove chocolate. *slaps hand* XD sheesh.


Don't you just HATEEEE it when you got the munchies and there's some stuff around the house but NOTHING. SEEMS. TO. BE. WHAT. YOU. WANT....???? I'm having that trouble now. But the problem is, I know exactly what I want. Hot dogs. Delicious, yummy... hot dogs. Beef franks, polish... doesn't matter. I'm starved. I want two please! Ah and, I'll let you in on a little factoid ;)

I put mustard on one side of the bun, ketchup on the other. close it so they mix, then reopen to set the weiner on ^^ Use to be it was one hot dog per condiment. Don't even remember why i changed it to a condiment per hot dog bun side! LOL Oh well, it's delish!

No relish though. I don't mind eating it, but I prefer as little as possible on my hot dog :3

So yeah... I want some, but have nothing of which to make. And no place is open--couldn't go anyway. Mom would totallllyyy freak!

But just thought I'd ramble about my munchie problem ^^

3 remarks you left for me!:

Anonymous said...

Hotdogs!! You mix up ketchup and mustard like that on your bun, too!!! Same here. lol!
Imagine having a craving at midnight like that. I hope chocolate can satisfy it for now. ^^ Do get yourself a hotdog - as a treat or something - tomorrow (or later today).

As for the cyber-chandelier in the CB...lol Can't help but be attached to it!

Avie said...

I luv u swinging from our awesome AD chandelier! I just hang out under it and hope it doesn't crash down on me! *___*

Hot dogs are amazing. I like mustard ONLY. Relish is okay sometimes but just mustard is me fav!

dew-san said...

i might get a hot dog during my break up at work---that is if we have any left @_@

hahahaha XD lucky us, the chandelier's well supported, despite a certain someone's attempt to sabotage it >=)