How Many Transformations Does It Take?

I'm messing with the layout of the blog. So if you spontaneously pop in now to read this, and then pop in again an hour later--or even three minutes later--expect changes.

I adored the drunk guy on the chandelier, so don't worry that will come back. I just wanted a change X_X I can't stay with one thing, as everyone knows ;D Or, they should know O_O

If you didn't know that, then you must head off down the hall to the left, I'll educate you on Random Dee-chan FYI :D . . . everyone uses 101. :P

So, uhm. . . . anything else to chat about? Everyone knows I'm a rambler. Especially when I'm hyper. Heh... I can be such a hazard to humanity I'm sure lol... Hmm well for an interesting note, Guitar Hero World Tour is now in the house! For the PS3, not my xbox 360, but that's fine by me. It's an awesome game ^_^ I've already made my own rocker {I'll upload the picture later}. Anyway, my favorite songs on there so far are the following:

"Hotel California" - The Eagles [it was a favorite song anyway lol]
"Rebel Yell" - Billy Idol [playing the drums on this is awesome XD]
"The Middle" - Jimmy Eat World [love this song]
"What I've Done" - Linkin Park [yeah yeah, i love this band. what can i say?]
"You're Gonna Say Yeah" - Hushpuppies [the chorus is ALWAYS getting stuck in my head. an all around awesome song ^^]

I'm probably forgetting some. I haven't played it but one long time with Mom and Dad. My brother would have been our bassist, butttt he just got Pokemon Platinum, so I doubt he'll be attempting it any time soon. Ha ha!
Oh, the name of our band?

we_dont No

Seriously. We're the type that have trouble coming up with band names [well they do, I don't lol But no one really liked my suggestions, and I forgot to write down the name that I came up with days ago. Forgetful. How moe, as Wes would say.] So since I wasn't around, they came up with that since they couldn't think of anything else. It's not bad. Better than our Animal Crossing City whatever town name XD

Anywho... that's about it... FOR NOW. LOL. *sips Mountain Dew* later all ^_^

5 remarks you left for me!:

Anonymous said...

So forgetful.... so Moe <3
-tackle glomps-

Already know one name that will be in the running for our band name >=3


We will probably have it something else though :P

Anonymous said...

"Random Dee-chan FYI" --> Nice! lol

Randomness is good--that's exactly what I told you when you were first considering starting up a blog. It fits your hyperness. ^^

Sadly, I cannot share in your enthusiasm of Guitar Hero - because, well...I have no idea what is. >_>

But it sounds like something you're really obsessed with recently, so, enjoy, I say! ^_^


Anonymous said...

Oh! And I totally forgot to mention: the layout looks good. But yes, I do miss the drunk dude on the chandelier, too. ^^

But it's nice: changing the layout every once in a while. The way I've organized my blog makes it very difficult to make any layout changes(not to mention how tedious it would be! x_x).

Avie said...

OOO I like all the green! it is very green-y!!!

Kami Akai said...

I likes the greeness! Need more on the randomness though, because everybody like randomness!