I've lost my mind!!!!

completely off the subject. but who cares?!?!? and also... why is this in bold? duh... to attract your attention! just like hand waving attracts attention! =D *waves arms* woooooooOOOoOOoOoOoooOOooOOOoOOOoOOOo....

btw. i'm filed with some kinda explosion of hyperness, so this blog is going to be reaaaaaaallllyyy random!

but you like it like that, don't you? ;) you like the RANDOM!!!!!!

random random random @_@


I like italics mixed with bold font :3
I also have discovered that i like the new ds game I bought today. It's alllll in Japanese!!! So i have no idea what's going on!!! =D It's like Legend Of Zelda in a way. From what I gather, the game is called Tenchu: Dark Shadow. EVEN THE BOOK THAT IT COMES WITH IS WRITTEN IN JAPANESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOYAHHH!!!!! =O
Anyway, despite not knowing what I'm doing, so far, I'm having fun with the game ^_^
Only spent around $12 on it. Shouldn't have bought it... I know I knowwww... But hey, it isn't often you go to Gamestop and your mom finds a Japanese imported game on the used section where you have a card for 10% off =D plus if you don't like it... take it back.... >.>
I doubt I am though!!!

Ghosties! =D

Dancing Osaka!!!

You gotta love Azumanga Daioh just as much as you love my crazy randomness :D
If you do, then you'll love my news! I got volume one of the Azumanga Daioh manga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



For The Watermelon? '_'

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~avie~ said...

Dewchan - I like the new look of the blog and the cute pics on the sidebar! YIPPEE!!!

That game sounds awesome - I am glad you didnt pass it up! Gamestop usually doesnt take imported games as trade-ins so you got a treasure!

I bought a watermelon this weekend! For The Watermelon For The WIIIIN!