my room seriously needs a makeover. i swearrrrr the Messy Monster lives under my bed T_T . . . along with legos.. cds... and other stuff... but that's beside the point!! XD

What is my point? Point is: I now have a BIGGER mess! that's right, ladies and gentlemen of blogger world.... This Texan shopaholic bought MORE anime vhs tapes! A dollar a piece:

Legend of the Crystals (based on Final Fantasy) [volumes 1-2]
Record of Lodoss War [volumes 1-6]
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight [volumes unknown but i got 5 tapes in that series]
Sukeban Deka [volumes 1, 2]
The Hakkenden [volumes 1-7]
Those Who Hunt Elves [volumes 1-6]

and on a different genre altogether: a spoof of Star Wars, only 20 mins long but "I had to have it!!!
Hardware Wars ^^ this one was only fifty cents, because it was less than an hour O.O wooo! XD

sooo anywayyy... THE SHELF is now going to be strictly anime... and my tv series dvd season things and the Alfred Hitchcock movies are going to have to find another home.... where in the world that is... only my rearranging fun time will tell!!!!


3 remarks you left for me!:

Avie said...

You are completely out of control with your shopping!!! Does Wes know about this?!

Kinky-san said...

Yes he does. Everytime I buy something, I tell him about it XD

Anonymous said...

More shopping, more shopping! There's never enough anime! X__X