midnight popcorn

RANDOM LIKE: neon signs

So anyway, munching on the last bits of popcorn, listening to some chiptune/eight-bit music.... I'm just typing away for no real reason other than to kill time. I should go to bed, perhaps; but I'm a die-hard night owl fighting to remain that way. Good luck on that LOL.....

Anyway, was peeking at a cyber-friend's pictures he took from a convention;; makes me want to go to one.... It would be cool to go to ComicCon this year.. Doubt that will happen, but one never knows opportunity's ways. Might come knocking and say "Hey! You! Yeah you! Here! Tickets to ComicCon. Go have a blast!"

So like I said.... or may not have said.... I'm BROKE. Majorly broke. I've got a handful of dollar bills; lots of coins; and barely forty dollars altogether in checkings and savings accounts X_X So guess who's going to be looking for a secondary job? Yep. King Kong.
Err... me....

Not really looking forward to it. But when you gotta do it; you gotta do it, right? Right. -sigh- Still not motivated. But oh well. :) I just hope that I find something! XD

I know. I'm bad. But with money in my pocket -actual cash mind you- and us in my all time favorite store... I just can't resist. I didn't buy as much as I could have, so at least I can say I have a little bit of self-control....

Manga: Saber Marionette J vol 1, $2
Wolf's Rain vol 2, $2

Newtype USA [mar 2004 issure] $1. it's not my favorite magazine; I like OtakuUSA more actually... but for one dollar, and it still had the Azumanga Daioh stickers inside.. well... yeah. I knew I was doomed. Oh well. Just a dollar!

Be glad, I refrained from buying the new issue of OtakuUSA when I saw it at the grocery store. Boy was that hard... >.>

Uhm so.. that's all! ^_^

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~avie~ said...

I checked out Half Priced Books yesterday... uggg I bought a ton of crap there! X__X

Kawai Otaku Dee said...

@Avie... hehehe don't you just love it!!!! -hearts hearts-
i love that store :3