music addiction

who needs crack when you have techno, anime, mountain dew, and chocolate? O.o
NOT ME!!!!! =D

I'm sooooo addicted to this song! @_@

Does anyone know the actual name of this song? It's presently remixed by the awesome DJ shrapnel ^^
Rumor has it that it's from the Cream Lemon anime. Fact or fiction? O.o Much thanks to those who help me figure it out ^_^

Hmmm any other news? only the fact that I went picture crazy today! XD har har ha ha!

Here's the link. Don't feel much like posting any pictures in here. That would take too long!!!! XD


Hmmm... that's basically it. All the rest of my time was spent at work. Ha ha! Day off Friday [today lol]. Weeee!!!
OOOOoooo and another e-date session with Wes :D

3 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

I like the music addition!! Very nice!!!

BTW - I would ask pred about the song - he seems to know about that sorta stuff

I will wave in your direction when I am in Dallas tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, yes! You have music, too now! ^_^

Kawai Otaku Dee said...

@KA... how did you use the scrolly thing? :P i'm trying to find the old code i had, but it's inevitably lost in My Documents XD hahaha

@ Avie, I'll be waving at Dallas right back at ya! Too bad i'm working, or i'd try to convince the folks to take us someplace in Dallas --good luck with that though LOL--