New Buys! A.K.A.--HELP! ! ! ! ! ! ! I'm running out of shelf room!!!

Well, I perhaps shouldn't have... But I just couldn't stand that all my money lately was going to bills and groceries and more bills (happy note! I've got this month's payment and then I paid off my van! WOO!!!). So, I went on a touch of a spree of shopping for things that I really DIDN'T need. But oh well. What's done, is done >=)

So here's what I bought:
at gamestop, they had their dvd sale of buy 1 get 2 free. I buckled under the fun and ended up buying these:

Unleashed (unrated)

LAST EXILE: Discovered Attack [which, come to find out... I ALREADY HAD!!! so I have to take it back blech]
SD GundamForce: Volume 1 (finally!)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: The Rumbling Sky (third and last movie in the movie series, I believe)
and then.... one I hadn't heard of...

Heat Guy J: Super Android
Heat Guy J: Sins of the City
Heat Guy J: Haunted Past

episodes, yes, not movies or anything. It looked cool. And I got them in the 'free' set so yeah. Couldn't resist! :)

At another store I got:
Yu Yu Hakusho volume 18 (Deadly Toguro)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I'll never get three, mostly because I didn't really like it XD haha
And then... there was the oh so irresistable VHS four-pack. It had sci-fi series that looked pretty neat {i cant resist a good looking sci-fi anime XD hehehe}.
Each VHS tape (4 altogether) had two episodes of each show: Spaceketeers, Starvengers, Grandizer, and Gaiking.

If you've heard of any of them, let me know :)
And for the record, Gaiking sounds SOOOOO familiar, and I have no idea why! XD

oh and....

I HAVE MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

that's it ^^

4 remarks you left for me!:

Avie said...

HOLY COW! That is a HUGE shopping spree!! I think that yesterday was just that type of day! I bought a CD (import so waaaaaay expensive at $40), and a donabe (clay Japanese cooking pot)!!! I guess we girls have to splurge every now and then... it keeps us sane... well, mostly sane!!

CONGRATS on paying off your van!!! There is no better vehicle than the one that is free and clear!!! :)

Avie said...

BTW - next time instead of gamestop - go to Movie Trading Company - much cooler -


Anonymous said...

You have an awesome obsession: buying anime-related goodies. :D
If I had the money, I would TOTALLY be doing the exact same thing....

...Fine, I lied. >_> I'd spend the money on building my bookshelf. x_x

Do you think you could post a random picture of your growing collection every once in a while? What do you think? ^^

You drive a van? And it's your very own van?

Kinky-san said...

@ Avie, i have gone there, but don't often buy things much. i usually venture to Half Price Books {all time faveeee store} or a thrift store ^^

@King Ashura, ooo bookshelf! i need a big one right about now. my cd collection just outgrew it's place XD i need another area... blaaah

and sure! a random photo of the growing collection sounds like a good idea to me ^^

and yes. my own mini-van! i downgraded from big van to mini-van LOL!!! :)