"Nothing On But the Radio....."

... That is a country song title, but it's not really what this is about. Well kinda. Just not that song. Just the basic idea of it's title. Because, as I type, waiting for one of my favorite roleplayers to 'rply' back in message.... I'm chillin' to the radio station that plays the Top 40 songs.

And from time to time, you hear those songs that you Love to love, but should hate.... Example for me.... would be 3oh3's song "Don't Trust Me", Britney Spear's "If U Seek Amy", and some others i cant think of at the moment.

I was just wondering.... What's your favorite songs you really shouldn't love? XD

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Songs I love, but really shouldn't?
I think it would have to be "Dirty Dancing" by New Kids on the Block (I think that's what their called >_> ). It's such a strange song; so not my style or taste-in-music or whatever, but I'm addicted to it. -_-
It must be the music. It's just kinda'...catchy?

Avie said...

That would be all the jpop i listen to... why in the world would i like music i cant understand?

Kaijin said...

I agree with KA, sometimes the tune is just too catchy to not like.
Avie: lol!
For me, the most recent one has to be "Home" from Chris Daughtry. It sounds like country which I hate, but the lyrics just speak to me!