~A Post Taken From My LiveJournal~

[originally posted on January 15th, 2008; on my LiveJournal account]

they held my head down
i couldn't breath. . . .

. . . they held my head down
i couldn't breath. . . .

the water swirled around me
no oxygen anywhere. just water.
i'm not a fish
i have no gills

i cannot breath water
i could not breath at all

i fought
no good

i struggled
still no good

i opened my mouth to futilely scream....
i just swallowed up water, almost breathing it in

finally, they brought me up
two pairs of mens' hands, grabbing me by the shoulders and arms
hauling me up to the surface

i coughed out water, gasped in air
sweet, precious air . . . .
for my memory, i could not remember when i was so grateful to be able to breath

there was another man in front of the small pool, deep as it was dark and bloody cold.
he was dressed in nice slacks, nice shoes. the sleeves of his dress shirt, rolled up to his elbows
casually, he knelt down at the end of the pool and looked at me, half in the water, half above.

"Are you ready to talk?" he asked kindly almost
"N. . N. . . o. . ." I coughed, knowing fully what he wanted. I was not going to give it to him. I would rather die than tell him what he wanted to know.

the man sighed, standing. He eyed me as if sad but not quite sad enough. "Very well." he nodded at the men.
They shoved me back down into the water.
I struggled against it, but they would not let me up for what seemed like an eternity.
finally, just when I thought my lungs would pop, they brought me back up.
I spit out water that had slipped into my mouth and again, gasped for precious air.

"How about now?" the man asked softly, cocking his head at me.
I shook my head. "n. . n. . o. ."
He sighed, made the motion to dunk me. The men did.
Again, I found myself nearly drowning. The panic because of continuous dunking slowly subsided, allowing me time to think. I continued to stammer whenever the men hauled me up so the man could ask if I was ready to talk.
He wanted what I knew. But I was not going to give it up to him. I would rather die first, and apparently, that is what I would have to do.

My secret would die with me. . . . The only place where it would be safe, in my mind, my body buried, my soul gone from this earthly flesh.

The men hauled me up again.
The man sighed "You're not going to surrender easily, are you?"
I shook my head, pretending to still be upset and confused.
He scowled, motioning to the men. "Dunk her."
They did.
But this time, as my body was covered by the luke-warm water, I inhaled the water.

When they brought my unstruggling body up, it was too late to revive me. I was gone, and with me, my secret.

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Anonymous said...

Dee, that was such a chilling read. O_O Is that a story you once wrote? Short story, perhaps...

It's so good, I mean, the story that is. I was actually slightly disturbed while reading it. Which is awesome, because any piece of writing that produces a reaction = good!

Simple && Creative said...

heheh thanks! :) and yes i did write it. like a year and some ago ^_^

~avie~ said...

beautifully written, my friend! super vivid images! *thumbs up*