scattered thoughts of randomness

I'm in a rather talkative mood, and will probably expand on this throughout the day ^^

Hmmm... let's talk about something... Cooool....

Ice cubes! =]
What a topic! XD
Different shapes, sizes; and even, some made NOT out of water! O_O
Someday, I will have mountain dew ice cubes in orange crush ^^ hehehehe
Ah! Ingenious! O.O flavor the ice cubes that you put in your sodas so that it doesn't taste water, instead, it will taste... whatever you pick!!!! =D BRILLIANT! *light bulb glows above*

Hmmm fun fact that you probably will never use: Mountain Dew was originally used to put into whiskey and liquor and stuff back when it was invented by two brothers, around 1940s. ^^

And supposedly there was a small amount of cocaine in Coca Cola. Hence why they call cocaine, Coke? O.o Makes sense to me! ^_^
COCA Cola... <.< wild....

So, more random thoughts will ensue!!! >=D because we allll loveeee randomnesssss!!!

And if you notice, i never write big paragraphs. I hate reading big paragraphs [which is one reason why i love to read books by Ellen Hopkins. hehehe] Speaking of. Still working on the book "Identical". Would've read some yesterday, but was at work/spending time with family/online ^^ hehehehe

COMPUTER ADDICT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And to think, I didn't really venture much on the computer to begin with. Thanks computer typing class! =D
I love me some world wide web! ^_^

I can't play rpgs D: how sad!!!! I'd love too though ^^ And I always try >=( but then i lose interest or give up the first part of the game. Wanna hear somethin' funny? I dont know if these are considered rpg genre... [i'll ask my videogame crazy brother later] but the ONLYYYYYY rpg game i can play is.....





>.> enough already.....

POKEMON!!! XD i got started while testing a game i bought for my brother last christmas ^^ Leaf Green i think it was?

Oh and speaking offfff gameboy advance games [wow what a turn!]... Who plays them on their DS/Ds Lite, or on your gameboy advance handhelds? And if you know of anything about this... what's your take on the lack of a slot for the gbas on the upcoming DSi???
I'm not buying one btw... >.>
I love me some Guitar Hero on the DS ^^

Hmmm... well that's all for now, i think? O.o I need some fuel!!! -goes to eat lunch- byeebeee! =D

4 remarks you left for me!:

Weston said...


Yup, i knew about the Cocaine in Coke lol oddness/ichness.

And yes! Pokemon is a type of RPG! =D a very cool one at that ^^


Bwoop ^.^

Avie said...

I play GB advanced games in my DS!

Ryn said...

cocaine itself wasn't in coca cola, lol, but leaves from the coca plant, which is also used to make cocaine. ^^ People really were addicted to Coca cola!

Anonymous said...

Mountain Dew was used in whiskey and other liquor once upon a time!?
Wild. O_O