sporks rule!!! forks... bend o.0

Ever look in that utensil drawer, dig under the pile of forks, and find one that looks hilariously bent out of shape? XD

Without meaning too, I've seen quite a few twisted forks. Mostly while at the restaurant I use to work out. We had some seriously twisted forks.... one would think they'd tried to do fork-yoga and ended up stuck XD hahahaha

Made up word of the week, use it!
translation: zomg + wtb + rofl
translation: zomg + wtb + nw {no way}

if you dont know what wtb stands for, you serioussslyy need to bounce to youtube XD
it's WHAT THE BUCK!!!! I love that show :P Both of my youtube accounts subscribed to him hehehe. i always look forward to a new vid ^_^

Speaking of new vid.... My bookshelf is hungry for camera attention, but I keep telling it "no". Why? Well for one thing, it hasn't really expanded... I think? Save for that pile of manga I bought yesterday's yesterday. But you really can't tell what mangas I have becauseeee... double stacked! yep. that shelf is notorious for it. only the top middle shelf isn't double stacked, and that's because its got my gundam figures, the Miyuki figure, Sasuke figure, and DBZ figure in front of that row. Gundams are purposely placed in front of the almost shelf-filling amount of Gundam dvds I have XD hehehe

Which makes me question you, dear reader.....

Want to know the actual list? O.O

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Anonymous said...

I haven't found a single bent fork in our utensils drawer. x_x

BUT YES! Actual list, actual list! ^^

And you have DBZ figures O_O ....

Avie said...


And WTB is Kiyuri's favorite thing to say so she will take credit for the new words - thank ya very much! -___-

kinky-chan said...

actually neither of us can take credit for "WTB" Kiyuri lol....

Michael Buckley invented it XD