you know you've been waiting for me to post a new blog post ;D

yeahhh you just know it.


Anyway, not much to report on the "Anime Room" or anything else. Haven't gotten too far with the cleaning again because of work and being sick. AGAIN T_T
If I counted correctly this is like the third time this year so far that I've been sick!!!! THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so depressing -_-

But on another note. I went to the library nearby today, and got that book I put on hold: "Identical" by Ellen Hopkins. So far, it's reminded me of all the reasons of why I enjoy her writing so much: it's different, amazing, and in short 'verses' like a poem. A little trick on words too, if you pay attention. ^^

Oh and to my surprise, I didn't even think it was possible, but they had a copy of "twilight" and yes, I mean THAT Twilight ;) Curious me couldn't resist, so yep! I got it. That and a bunch of anime dvds [love my library hehe]. :)

And thus... I must sleep. Soooo tired, and with work in the 'morning' I got to gets my sleep! :)

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Anonymous said...

Ellen Hopkins - Hmm, I've wanted to try reading some of her work.
And I know what you mean - I hardly ever buy DVDs, only Harry Potter actually. Oh, and LOTR (but that was a long time ago). So the library is my favourite place for such stuff, too. ^^

I hope you feel better soon! :)


Avie said...

Dew -

I hope reading Twilight is better than watching the movie... that was wretched.

I used to love the library when I was a kid! My dad would take me every Tuesday! Now that I live in the middle of nowhere - I think our local library is the size of a closet... now, I don't know this for a fact so I really should check it out! ^^


dew-san said...

zomg it was hilarious... i told a coworker about dvds at the library [she's 16/17 from what i've gathered???] and she was like "they have dvds!??!?!" Hahahaha XD
its like the reaction i get sometimes when i say the libraries i go to have anime and manga :P

@Avie: i hope it is too. but i wont be reading it until AFTER i've finished the Ellen Hopkins book :D
and yeah. before i got my job at the restaurant, i'd take my old clunker of a van down the streets towards the nearby library [they've expanded since and are, hilariously, close to our new house XD]... i'd go there so often that most librarians knew me instantly ^^ so much fun XD they dont do that at the other library we go too :\ kinda sad....

oh well! ^_^