SPOILER TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN L: CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!! unless you want to read this


That's my opinion.
Now, I know the whole Live-action movies for Death Note barely followed the anime--and manga--but the third installment L: Change the World . . . . -shudders- omg... i can't believe i even thought about going to the theater!!!! Sooooooooooooooo glad I had bought the three-disc set of the live-action movies! X_X

Yes, that means I despised this movie.
The acting seemed to be lacking; the death scenes were overdrawn; and I really think it lacked the whole theme.

Anyway, just wanted to rant.

Now for cool news O_O
Mom and I have made the official trade for my XBOX 360, games and whatnot :D
She gets all that... and in turn i get a T.M. Revolution cd, and Death Note complete set volumes 1, 2!!!! :D
and as we speak, I'm about to win a certain awesome set that will make my collection shine! =D i won't say because you might be into it too T_T IT'S MINE!!! MINE MINE MINE!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmm what else? I already declared my Zune living.... uhm... O.o I'm sure I'm missing something LOL I'm such a forgetful nut X_X but anyway, that's it for now.

Till next time, later! :D
And please, don't tell me you liked L: Change the World -_-


DECLARATION OF JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's dancing time!!! CELEBRATE CELEBRATE!!!!



THE ZUNE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy I could cry ^_^

No You Didn't Click The Wrong Button

This is still "Chandelier in a Chatterblock"
I'm just kind of tired of the name O.o
I'm not going with that flow any more. It's turned more into something different. . . random thoughts? Kinda.

Lots of anime.
Lists of purchases.

Gosh, I could do reviews on here! LOL

What do you think I should rename it to, if I should rename it at all?



I wish there was, in existence, a place called that. . . . . *google google* hehehe nevermind >.>

But anyway, for now here's two versions of my updated anime collection:

First is the lame video, I mini-tized this one because it looks better when it's not mega-stretched out X_X

And now here's the MUCHHHH better slideshow! :D

I'm leaving that as it is because, well, I can! >=D

And here's pics of new stuff that I get to keep if I land a second job. Otherwise it goes back to HPB :( sad sad.... I've put in applications earlier today, I'm hoping one of them take a nibble and call me in to an interview :P -crosses fingers-

CDs. A dollar a piece; a weakness of mine. But besides that is the awesomeness! WOOT!
The one on the right is most obviously the soundtrack from a movie I continuously rent but never watch! X_X That's right, The Last Samurai. Have you seen it? Any good? Don't rant too much about it! That always ruins it for me! XD
One on the right I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER who it is! It's in Chinese or Japanese [yes I can't tell the difference XD]; and there's one bit that I can read: Gi Gi. O.o artist name? Anyone know??? XD HELP~!

GAME BOY ADVANCE games... I only have, other than these two, two other GBA games. One is ROBOTECH Macross [i love that style of game; your a spaceship and you shoot the bad guys as the screen scrolls towards the left ^^] and then PuffyAmiYumi something or other hehehe Got that one for a dollar I think?
Anyway, these two babies were 75% off at Best Buy. I love Midnight Club, and decided to give this one a whirl. Dynasty Warriors is a new serious I've come to adore. Unfortunately, so far, I don't like the Midnight Club game! D: oh noez!!!!

Yes, this is Bleach Season One: The Substitute. They had Season Two, but I was already tight for money, so I just got Season One. Cost me $25!!! Yeah, I love Half Price Books ^^

Have I ever mentioned liking Naruto? No? Well, I do. I've seen a handful of episodes; read two or three of the first volumes in the mangas. I like it ^^ And here, we have Season One and Two... uncut. Season One was $15!!! Season Two was $17.49! XD yes we may faint hahaa. they had seasons 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12!!!! O_O Those were twenty-five dollars a piece. Boyyyy was I flustered XD I wanted them all haha!

THIS IS ORIGINAL JAPANESE~~~~~ woohoo!!! One Piece, part 7, original Japanese! :D Of course I couldn't resist this one. I paid twenty dollars ^^

.hack//sign~~twenty dollars. complete. original Japanese. need i say more? ;)

Last but not least:

Yes, that is EXACTLY what it looks like ^^ Star Wars: The Essential Guide To Vehicles and Vessels. I have a few other Essential Guides... Star Wars books. These are mostly because 1) I'm a Star Wars nerd, and 2) I have a Star Wars fanfic going on [haven't added to it since January though *cringe!*

Anyway, that's about it :P
Pleasant Anime Filled Days to You All!!!

Don't forget to comment! I love 'em! ^^




otaku shopaholic strikes again X_X

Is there such a thing as a budget? A limit of spending?
If so... I imagine how much I would be spending if I didn't have a limit/budget!!!!!
I just spent over thirty dollars at Half Price Books [$40 actually]. With a coupon, of course. Two dollar mangas are a weakness of mine---as is cheap anime DVDs ^///^
But aside from buying mangas, I also bought two CDs by the 12 Girl Band. If you've never heard of them, it's 12 girls--need I explain that? lol--who play different Chinese instruments. Their music is quite beautiful, and I'm shocked to find not one but two of their CDs!!! :D Both were two dollars--hehehe, that's the price of everything I bought XD

Anyway... here's the mangas that I bought ^_^ [was hoping for Death Note.. oh wellll XD]

From Top to Bottom {in case you couldn't read it}:
Tail of the Moon - 7, 8, 9, 10
School Rumble - 7, 8
Samurai Deeper Kyo - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 19, 20
The Law of Ueki - 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

the nerd within us all....

Anyway, as requested by Avie!

New pic of the specs! :D

Hungry Zune and Nerdy Me

Well, I think I mentioned this in the last blog? If not, here we go: RICE!!!!

Yep, rice.
See this bag of rice? Well don't let it fool you. Inside is my Zune! Hungry? I think not. It's an attempt of hoping to revive it! X_X Cross your fingers. I'm not letting this baby dive off the bridge into its watery doom until I've tried all possibilities. For one thing, I love my Zune. I'm missing it already [using the iPod in placement of it]. Though I would love to get a 120gig and replace it.... Well, money is lacking in my bank lately XD So yeahhhh.....

Oh and speaking of bank.... CHA-CHING! Glasses!!!!! :D
Yep! Went to the eye doctor this morning before work X_X Went through that, as well as my brother had one too, and then picked out a pair of glasses :) course I likely would have finished earlier, but the pressure of work being less than an hour away kinda does something to my already indecisive nature XD But I managed it! ^_^

Happy Birthday shout-out to my mom!!!! :D
Don't ask how old she is. Take your guesses, but I'll never say..... More because I can't remember than that she swore me to not tell a soul LOL

Anyway... Later everyone! :D
Have a good Earth Day tomorrow!!!!

[by the way... I finally figured out how to make my pictures not enormously so on the blog... upload from computer not website!!!!]


R.I.P. Zune

Yes. It's true. The Zune failed to revive after spending a night drying up. I'm afraid the water got in as well as the soap :(
But I'm not giving up hope yet! Wes was a sweetheart, looking up details about others whose Zunes shared the same "drowning fate". He said someone mentioned keeping the Zune submerged in rice for a couple of days. I procrastinated and didn't buy any rice today.. Hopefully I do tomorrow. If not then the next day. . . >.>

Aside from partial depression that I'm now down one MP3 Player [which isn't even a year old yet!], Dad's co-worker made an awesome discovery. A few years ago anyway lol. But today, he told Dad about an awesome mp3 website. The name of it?

It's awesome O_O
MP3s legally to buy for a reallyyy cheap price! I've found plenty of goodies so far, and haven't even spent all the $25 I put down. ^////^ yes yes I know. What happened to the budget?
-plays innocent amnesiac- What budget???? haha...

Anyway, Tuesday morning, get to have an eye exam. I'm worried. . . not about the exam, but about the fact that it's a mere two hours before I have to go to work!!! AYEEEE!!! Oh well, I'll keep something as proof for why I was late XD Hopefully they don't do something drastic!!! O_O I need this job!!

Hmmm... aside from that, nothing else exciting has happened.


something drowned today


My Zune.
We shall see if it survived the dunking that happened this late morning while I was washing dishes. Darn thing slipped while I was changing the songs, and fell right in. I brainlessly gasped and grabbed it out, staring at it. It just said "LOW BATTERY", which it already was saying, I was trying to drain the battery....

So it's dried off I think, going to wait for a while before I charge it up. I'll let everyone know if it's still working or not XD I'm hoping and hoping that it will be fine. I love that thing to pieces.


Vlog Me Anime!! Volume 1

Yep! I finally did it! :D A video! Kinda crappy, but that's because I had to use my camera phone x] I hope it looks okay! definitely going to watch it on here once I post this.... But anyway, kinda a preview and test to see if this is how I want to do things. Added a nice little "me" bonus at the end LOL I just might have to borrow the video camera next time... Good Luck with that! @_@

Anyway, enjoy! :D


Okay uhm... there's something wrong with the audio!!! XD


THE NEW SHELF. . . . starring it's own video?

That's right.... New video of the shelf and it's contents will come soon :D
But I'm not going to do it until I get this three-in-one disc set of the Live-Action Death Note movies: Death Note I, II, and the L movie that I was going to see in Tinseltown but decided not to. It's my first ebay purchase in several months since my last crazed ebay-attack :P And it's going to be the last for some time....
But anyway, until that fateful day it arrives in the mail... Any suggestions on how to do the video? ^_^ I'm up for anything!

Any tune requests you want to hear on the video? Albeit, it has to be something that I have!!

Anything else you want to see in the video besides THE NEW SHELF? the mangas? Comics? Magazines? Soundtracks?

Let me know! =D


Vroooom Vrooom!

I love Burnout Paradise ^_^
The entire Burnout series is exactly my kinda game: good tunes, racing.... but its a racing game where crashing, for the most part anyway, gives you extra points! :D Perfecto! ^_^ As I always loved racing games, but am notorious for crashing X_X A LOT!!!

As for that book with the long name... Thomas Covenant Book 01, we shall call it... I can't get past the first-middle of chapter 2. It's losing my interest already!!! So, because of its failure, I went back to the book I'd started weeks ago and had to renew at the library: Twilight. So far I went from Chapter 4 to Chapter 6. So yeah... Hopefully I finish this book ^^ I'd like to declare happiness and victory over finishing at least ONE book !!! XD

If it isn't Twilight, then perhaps it will be the awesome book that is Steve Alten's fourth installment to his MEG series. Can't wait!!!! :D

April's Resolution Progress Report

One or two posts back, I stated that I was going to make a resolution to watch all my anime and read all my manga. . . . Perhaps I should've also included non-anime TV series....

My resolution has taken a twist. Instead of driving through the anime, I'm driving through the second season of 3rd Rock from the Sun!!! For the past two nights, I've watched an entire disk before bed. Tonight might be an exception... -gasp!- lol.

Now I'm adding to this resolution.... Unless I already mentioned it. I've got such a lack of memory atm @_@ Emotional overload drain XD ha ha

Anyway, adding to resolution: finishing books!!! And I'm not just talking about my writing... >.>".... I'm talking about books that aren't written by me, but read! ATM I'm attempting to plow through a paperback book I just got today at the library. So far I've reached the usual area. . . Chapter 2.
The book?

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever Book One: Lord Foul's Bane

*breaths*... talk about long titles!!! But I couldn't resist a good ol' gazing at the spines of books in the science fiction/fantasy area of the library this morning. That [and one or two other books] caught my eye. And knowing from past experience, it is better that I get the book and not finish it rather than not get the book and end up thinking about the summary on the back/inlet and wondering which book was that!?

So anyway... I'll update whenever. Tomorrow's a day off!!!! Celebration is in order... well actually, it already is! I'm working on their birthdays, but oh well! Mom and Dad's b-days are coming up.... wish me good luck on getting fifteen dollars in cash for each of them. All I can unfortunately afford atm... :sad sad: oh well. . . ^^



Just wanted to speak out for no real reason except I'm bored and confused about stuff.

Lately I've been tired; and today I've been really cranky. Sure I'll crack a smile every once in a while, but for the most part I've just wanted to crack something other than a smile :P
Could be that 'time of the month', idk....

So just on the off-hand, in case I do something stupid... I'm sorry.


NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION!!!!! .. . Starting in April . . .

So what? who actually completes these resolutions anyway? You make them in January, and you rarely go past a few weeks; months? Half a year tops.

I've resolved not to make any; so far I've kept that up ^_^
Anyway, in a way, it's a resolution. I'm determined to watch as much anime as I can! How is that a resolution? Ask the stacks upon stacks of anime dvds and vhs that I've not watched! Now there you go: my resolution. To watch all the anime I have. And read the manga! I've read some of them, just not all!

So wish me good luck X_X

anime: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
song title: Dear You -Destructive-
no lyrics



I can't spell onions! LOL!!!
Actuallyyy. . . yeah, just mere boredom. I like to keep things spicey....
Speaking of spicey.... I have a semi-favorite Dorito! :D
Late Night Jalapeno Poppers! >=D
They taste just like Poppers! It's so awesome!!!! -lub lub- ^^

OOOOoooo and I come home to discovery the family went to Half Price while I was at work -sob sob-.... but they came back with a surprise I bought off of them: Dad found it, thought I'd like it. Mom was positive she'd seen it somewhere [i got the vhs with eps 1-8 at goodwill when they were with me]. So they got it; Mom showed it to me, and I was all AWESOME!!!

Yep, they're just in regular CD cases. But for a dollar a piece, I'm willing to settle for that ;D haha! So happy ^_^

I've also finished the first disc of Negima!... I want more!!! It's hilarious XD
Hmmm.... makes me think I should start reviewing anime O.o
I also saw the first episode of this baseball-theme anime called... Big Windup! or something like that. Quite good. I'm not a big baseball fan, but I liked this one :) Definitely will start watching a few more episodes! It's by FUNimation if anyone wanted to know :)
Anyway, let me know what you think of that random fun idea of an anime review ^_^
Laterz! =D



Those things are awesome O_O
Enormous ones especially! They're like an elephant when we're talking size!!! I'm sure you've seen them here and there---online that is. LOL!!

Errr... that's the Taiko DS game I just found.... no no... I meant this!!!!

Yeah that's it! :)
Those things are ginormous O_o

And apparently lately people have been having troubles commenting on my blogs. So sorry guys! I hope I've fixed that problem! I still don't get what happened O.o Maybe the new blog template from pyzam is at fault here! What a shame too! They were neat! D: I'm just going to have to figure out what to do so I can use it and you guys can still comment! ^_^

Let's face it: a commented blog is a happy blog ^^ And a happy blog is owned by a happy blogger! Though right now, I'm in a weird place of happiness, hyperness, and sleepiness! Lately I have been sleepy. Could possibly be my weird hours, but why now? Perhaps overworking myself? Maybe just a bit? Not sure, because most days are slow. Tomorrow won't be; today really wasn't too slow either, but both will be half days--as will be Sunday :P


quiet outburst

Sometimes I get this moment when a flood of emotions hit me, and I don't know what to do. I want to spill them out, but then again, I'm so use to keeping everything inside that I just remain quietly brooding, hoping no one notices because I care not to explain why I'm brooding.

But keeping it in just seems to do no good, so let's try some blogging about it.

Love is confusing. It's like trying to figure out some impossible equation. When you think you've got it figure out, boom, something else stumbles your reasoning and shoves you back to Square 1.

Perhaps the many of you who know me are thinking... oh... is she talking about Wes? In fact, I am. Today has been a roller coaster of a day. But in fact, nothing has really happened at all. I enjoyed two movies, drove out in really warm weather, returned in really warm weather. But then again, I received an unfriendly headache. Not to mention that spending almost four something hours just in the movie theater feels like a time-waster, even if you enjoyed the movies you 'wasted' your time on.

Small things, right?

Well, the cb holds great fun; and it was just a tease of fun between me and another. And I don't know if it bothers people if I state this, but I know I'm bi-sexual. It isn't obvious because I don't flaunt it about. Wes knows it; as do a few closer friends. The family doesn't, because they'd get outraged. They're fully against same-sex relationships.
Anyway, sometimes emotions get the better of you I suppose when you see the one you adore, idolize, love beyond words... tease about being the girlfriend with someone in the cb. And I can't say I blame him, it makes sense... But wasn't it obvious that it was teasing? Can't I have a bit of fun?
I mean... looking at my point of view... I'm not really doing anything but having some fun, it's nothing serious and I'm fairly certain the other member of this fun knew that [heck, she's married!]. Yet, still, it bothered him.
And I'm sorry, Wes, if this bugs you that I'm writing about it, but I need a release. Sometimes it frustrates me that this happens. Because you know I love you, heck, I'm declining phone numbers over here! That isn't easy, you know!! But I'm waiting for you, hoping you don't let me down.....



Got reallyyyy bored with the templates on here, so I scrounged around on the web and uncovered pyzam.com's arrangement of blogger templates!!!
Pity I'm not a genius to make my own! XD Oh well... someday ;)

Because I CAN!!!!!


Isn't it fun, making acronyms? ^^
That better be what they're called. I'm not looking it up though. LAZY!!!


What's a Zen Yogurt? IDK!!! =D That's what's so much fun about it! Fun and funny! ^^

Anyway, picture time! Just took a snapshot of my new favorite PSP games ^^ I just killed the batter on the PSP while playing Dynasty Warriors 2; Castlevania's hard @_@ but I'm slowly progressing through it.



quick post!


err.... yeahhhh.... utter boredom here as I wait for a bit before heading off to work XD

Information if you didn't know: I started another blog. Here's the URL.

This one is basically just me rambling about stories and stuff. There's only a few posts, won't post in it as often probably, but I figured my loyal fans would adore to read more about me! <---so full of it? LOL

Anywhoza-wowza.... Little tidbit of what's happening lately. I've just put the CDs in the white shelf yesterday or the day before, whichever one it was. Not in too much a particular order, but it's good enough for now. *eyes THE NEW SHELF, smiles* So awesome.....
Uhm.... Last night i tried a peculiar suicide that I like now: apple juice cocktail and strawberry soda. I know right?! hehehe =3 I like mixing up drinks ^_^
Hmmm.... Anything else? Oh! Bought some games that were on sale. I'll state their names later... eh why not now?
some kinda PSP Castlevania game set, and then Dynasty Warriors vol 2. Got EXIT DS for the DS, of course lol. And that's about it O.o


THE SHELF. . . . . rip?

Not really R.I.P. It's just gotten an update. In a way, lol. That's why my desk ended up look like it does in the picture XD If you happened upon the 'new' picture of that side of my room, beside THE SHELF, were a cd rack, a shelf filled with cds, and another shelf filled with tv show dvds. The new addition to the 'anime room' is now a lovely tall but not wider than THE SHELF, BROWN SHELF which we can call THE NEW SHELF until I buy the type I would loveee to have. Anyway.... That pile of CDs is from the cd rack and the shelf filled with CDs. Though, now as I type, those CDs have been neatly alphabetized and categorized into THE SHELF, which is now beside it's big brother THE NEW SHELF, which has since also been stocked with the anime gear.

That's basically what it looked like when I still had the CDs on the desk. That empty space on THE SHELF has since been filled with the CDs. :3 Now I just have to reorganize it to put the manga on it....

Little tidbit of news: I got my mom hooked on Mountain Dew Velocity ^_^
Uhm... that's basically it... sooo yeahhh....

APRIL Issue of OtakuUSA is mine now!!! =D wooo!!!


Type-writers, Computers, and The Mighty Pen *author mode*

Have you ever written on a typewriter?
I actually enjoyed it. But then again, I like most forms of typing/writing. :) I even still have piles of notebook paper of which to use! XD Slowly slowly am I dwindling it down. Not by much though.

What's amazing is, I seem to enjoy writing by pen more than typing in say the word processor or notepad or whatever it is I use at that time. But I write more detailed and such on the computer. Why? I figured it out: Writing on paper is more of a connection, but it takes forever to write down all those paragraphs and details that form in my head. On the computer, my fast typing from years of practice comes in quite handy when it comes to putting down details and such.

Now if only there was something in between them...... O.o But what in the world would that be? XD