I wish there was, in existence, a place called that. . . . . *google google* hehehe nevermind >.>

But anyway, for now here's two versions of my updated anime collection:

First is the lame video, I mini-tized this one because it looks better when it's not mega-stretched out X_X

And now here's the MUCHHHH better slideshow! :D

I'm leaving that as it is because, well, I can! >=D

And here's pics of new stuff that I get to keep if I land a second job. Otherwise it goes back to HPB :( sad sad.... I've put in applications earlier today, I'm hoping one of them take a nibble and call me in to an interview :P -crosses fingers-

CDs. A dollar a piece; a weakness of mine. But besides that is the awesomeness! WOOT!
The one on the right is most obviously the soundtrack from a movie I continuously rent but never watch! X_X That's right, The Last Samurai. Have you seen it? Any good? Don't rant too much about it! That always ruins it for me! XD
One on the right I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER who it is! It's in Chinese or Japanese [yes I can't tell the difference XD]; and there's one bit that I can read: Gi Gi. O.o artist name? Anyone know??? XD HELP~!

GAME BOY ADVANCE games... I only have, other than these two, two other GBA games. One is ROBOTECH Macross [i love that style of game; your a spaceship and you shoot the bad guys as the screen scrolls towards the left ^^] and then PuffyAmiYumi something or other hehehe Got that one for a dollar I think?
Anyway, these two babies were 75% off at Best Buy. I love Midnight Club, and decided to give this one a whirl. Dynasty Warriors is a new serious I've come to adore. Unfortunately, so far, I don't like the Midnight Club game! D: oh noez!!!!

Yes, this is Bleach Season One: The Substitute. They had Season Two, but I was already tight for money, so I just got Season One. Cost me $25!!! Yeah, I love Half Price Books ^^

Have I ever mentioned liking Naruto? No? Well, I do. I've seen a handful of episodes; read two or three of the first volumes in the mangas. I like it ^^ And here, we have Season One and Two... uncut. Season One was $15!!! Season Two was $17.49! XD yes we may faint hahaa. they had seasons 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12!!!! O_O Those were twenty-five dollars a piece. Boyyyy was I flustered XD I wanted them all haha!

THIS IS ORIGINAL JAPANESE~~~~~ woohoo!!! One Piece, part 7, original Japanese! :D Of course I couldn't resist this one. I paid twenty dollars ^^

.hack//sign~~twenty dollars. complete. original Japanese. need i say more? ;)

Last but not least:

Yes, that is EXACTLY what it looks like ^^ Star Wars: The Essential Guide To Vehicles and Vessels. I have a few other Essential Guides... Star Wars books. These are mostly because 1) I'm a Star Wars nerd, and 2) I have a Star Wars fanfic going on [haven't added to it since January though *cringe!*

Anyway, that's about it :P
Pleasant Anime Filled Days to You All!!!

Don't forget to comment! I love 'em! ^^

5 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

Awesome awesome awesome!!!!! I love all of your finds!!! i cant believe you found the naruto box sets so cheap!!! I have 1-8 and paid over $20 for each... way over $20 for each! X__X

K. Rene said...

hehehehe that's why i have so much anime ;) i find so many awesome buys! HPB, and gamestop's buy 2 get 4 free! @_@ that one was the best! XD hehehe

Kami Akai said...

It's amazing dee...Also not fair that all areas aren't the same. If everyone had those types of deals then we all probably would have soo much anime it's not funny...

K. Rene said...

that's what keeps the world balanced LOL

Anonymous said...

All that anime! At this rate you WILL beat that guy. Gogogo! :P