April's Resolution Progress Report

One or two posts back, I stated that I was going to make a resolution to watch all my anime and read all my manga. . . . Perhaps I should've also included non-anime TV series....

My resolution has taken a twist. Instead of driving through the anime, I'm driving through the second season of 3rd Rock from the Sun!!! For the past two nights, I've watched an entire disk before bed. Tonight might be an exception... -gasp!- lol.

Now I'm adding to this resolution.... Unless I already mentioned it. I've got such a lack of memory atm @_@ Emotional overload drain XD ha ha

Anyway, adding to resolution: finishing books!!! And I'm not just talking about my writing... >.>".... I'm talking about books that aren't written by me, but read! ATM I'm attempting to plow through a paperback book I just got today at the library. So far I've reached the usual area. . . Chapter 2.
The book?

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever Book One: Lord Foul's Bane

*breaths*... talk about long titles!!! But I couldn't resist a good ol' gazing at the spines of books in the science fiction/fantasy area of the library this morning. That [and one or two other books] caught my eye. And knowing from past experience, it is better that I get the book and not finish it rather than not get the book and end up thinking about the summary on the back/inlet and wondering which book was that!?

So anyway... I'll update whenever. Tomorrow's a day off!!!! Celebration is in order... well actually, it already is! I'm working on their birthdays, but oh well! Mom and Dad's b-days are coming up.... wish me good luck on getting fifteen dollars in cash for each of them. All I can unfortunately afford atm... :sad sad: oh well. . . ^^

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~avie~ said...

I love 3rd Rock! Such a cute show!!

Are you sure you want to give your parents cash and not a sweet gift? Maybe your folks are just more of the cash-gift types!? IDK since I dont know them! LOL!

I deserve a day off after that massive shift yesterday! :)

Anonymous said...

10 hours is insane. X__X

As for that show and book - sadly, I haven't heard of either of them. But regardless of the emotional drain you described, at least you're still into something you really like. It's when you begin to lose interest in these things that we should really begin to worry.

I really hope you're feeling better today. ^^

K. Rene said...

Thanks guys!

And Avie, I mentioned the cash to them and they seemed to like that idea more. XD Besides i have NOOOOOO IDEA what my dad wants!!! Yep, he's one of those types. LOL

Day off... mhm... It's noon and I just woke up! LOL

Weston said...

Oooooo, i have an idea for your Parents birthdays ^^

Dad - Tickets to the Superbowl

Mom - a wing dedicated to her at a Libary


might be a little more then $15
you should cash in your dew cans ^^