Type-writers, Computers, and The Mighty Pen *author mode*

Have you ever written on a typewriter?
I actually enjoyed it. But then again, I like most forms of typing/writing. :) I even still have piles of notebook paper of which to use! XD Slowly slowly am I dwindling it down. Not by much though.

What's amazing is, I seem to enjoy writing by pen more than typing in say the word processor or notepad or whatever it is I use at that time. But I write more detailed and such on the computer. Why? I figured it out: Writing on paper is more of a connection, but it takes forever to write down all those paragraphs and details that form in my head. On the computer, my fast typing from years of practice comes in quite handy when it comes to putting down details and such.

Now if only there was something in between them...... O.o But what in the world would that be? XD

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