Hungry Zune and Nerdy Me

Well, I think I mentioned this in the last blog? If not, here we go: RICE!!!!

Yep, rice.
See this bag of rice? Well don't let it fool you. Inside is my Zune! Hungry? I think not. It's an attempt of hoping to revive it! X_X Cross your fingers. I'm not letting this baby dive off the bridge into its watery doom until I've tried all possibilities. For one thing, I love my Zune. I'm missing it already [using the iPod in placement of it]. Though I would love to get a 120gig and replace it.... Well, money is lacking in my bank lately XD So yeahhhh.....

Oh and speaking of bank.... CHA-CHING! Glasses!!!!! :D
Yep! Went to the eye doctor this morning before work X_X Went through that, as well as my brother had one too, and then picked out a pair of glasses :) course I likely would have finished earlier, but the pressure of work being less than an hour away kinda does something to my already indecisive nature XD But I managed it! ^_^

Happy Birthday shout-out to my mom!!!! :D
Don't ask how old she is. Take your guesses, but I'll never say..... More because I can't remember than that she swore me to not tell a soul LOL

Anyway... Later everyone! :D
Have a good Earth Day tomorrow!!!!

[by the way... I finally figured out how to make my pictures not enormously so on the blog... upload from computer not website!!!!]

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~avie~ said...

My fingers are crossed for Zuney!

I want pics of the next spectacles!