THE NEW SHELF. . . . starring it's own video?

That's right.... New video of the shelf and it's contents will come soon :D
But I'm not going to do it until I get this three-in-one disc set of the Live-Action Death Note movies: Death Note I, II, and the L movie that I was going to see in Tinseltown but decided not to. It's my first ebay purchase in several months since my last crazed ebay-attack :P And it's going to be the last for some time....
But anyway, until that fateful day it arrives in the mail... Any suggestions on how to do the video? ^_^ I'm up for anything!

Any tune requests you want to hear on the video? Albeit, it has to be something that I have!!

Anything else you want to see in the video besides THE NEW SHELF? the mangas? Comics? Magazines? Soundtracks?

Let me know! =D

2 remarks you left for me!:

Weston said...

1. you need some cool background music

2. make a about 5-10 pit stops along the video journey to showcase your most favorite pieces ^^

3. have fun :)

while your in camera mode, trying making me one ^^

~avie~ said...

Instead of music - I would like to hear you talking about your stuff - like Wes said! Stop and show your favs or rare things!

But if you are going to have musics in the background - may I request FLOW?

I think there needs to be some Dew-Chan in the vid too! ^^