NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION!!!!! .. . Starting in April . . .

So what? who actually completes these resolutions anyway? You make them in January, and you rarely go past a few weeks; months? Half a year tops.

I've resolved not to make any; so far I've kept that up ^_^
Anyway, in a way, it's a resolution. I'm determined to watch as much anime as I can! How is that a resolution? Ask the stacks upon stacks of anime dvds and vhs that I've not watched! Now there you go: my resolution. To watch all the anime I have. And read the manga! I've read some of them, just not all!

So wish me good luck X_X

anime: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
song title: Dear You -Destructive-
no lyrics

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Weston said...

Yeah! Anime! =D
We should have little manga sessions, as i need to read mine too XD
We can read them together :)

and fyi, i still like the old blog setup XD this one is weird... @_@
So far, i have experienced 3-4 different comment styles XD