No You Didn't Click The Wrong Button

This is still "Chandelier in a Chatterblock"
I'm just kind of tired of the name O.o
I'm not going with that flow any more. It's turned more into something different. . . random thoughts? Kinda.

Lots of anime.
Lists of purchases.

Gosh, I could do reviews on here! LOL

What do you think I should rename it to, if I should rename it at all?

2 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

Dew's Mad Gallery

Anime And All That Jazz

This Is My Random Blog Of Randomness


Dew-chan said...

they're all so good! XD

I like "This Is My Random Blog of Randomness"
DEE-CHAN RAWR!!! hehehehe

Dew's Mad Gallery! >=D

Darn! XD you came up with some delicious goodies!!!!