I can't spell onions! LOL!!!
Actuallyyy. . . yeah, just mere boredom. I like to keep things spicey....
Speaking of spicey.... I have a semi-favorite Dorito! :D
Late Night Jalapeno Poppers! >=D
They taste just like Poppers! It's so awesome!!!! -lub lub- ^^

OOOOoooo and I come home to discovery the family went to Half Price while I was at work -sob sob-.... but they came back with a surprise I bought off of them: Dad found it, thought I'd like it. Mom was positive she'd seen it somewhere [i got the vhs with eps 1-8 at goodwill when they were with me]. So they got it; Mom showed it to me, and I was all AWESOME!!!

Yep, they're just in regular CD cases. But for a dollar a piece, I'm willing to settle for that ;D haha! So happy ^_^

I've also finished the first disc of Negima!... I want more!!! It's hilarious XD
Hmmm.... makes me think I should start reviewing anime O.o
I also saw the first episode of this baseball-theme anime called... Big Windup! or something like that. Quite good. I'm not a big baseball fan, but I liked this one :) Definitely will start watching a few more episodes! It's by FUNimation if anyone wanted to know :)
Anyway, let me know what you think of that random fun idea of an anime review ^_^
Laterz! =D

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Weston said...


Wicked Coolsome!!!!!
I showed a friend the pic, he was flabbergasted by the prices XD

hmmm... i dare say we both have funimation as friends on youtube, cuz they recently posted a few eps of that on there. i member seeing it in my subscriptions box on youtube :3 I wanted to watch it XD, and some of the others, but dialup and all T_T

Lucky ducky!

-Nerd glomps-