quick post!


err.... yeahhhh.... utter boredom here as I wait for a bit before heading off to work XD

Information if you didn't know: I started another blog. Here's the URL.

This one is basically just me rambling about stories and stuff. There's only a few posts, won't post in it as often probably, but I figured my loyal fans would adore to read more about me! <---so full of it? LOL

Anywhoza-wowza.... Little tidbit of what's happening lately. I've just put the CDs in the white shelf yesterday or the day before, whichever one it was. Not in too much a particular order, but it's good enough for now. *eyes THE NEW SHELF, smiles* So awesome.....
Uhm.... Last night i tried a peculiar suicide that I like now: apple juice cocktail and strawberry soda. I know right?! hehehe =3 I like mixing up drinks ^_^
Hmmm.... Anything else? Oh! Bought some games that were on sale. I'll state their names later... eh why not now?
some kinda PSP Castlevania game set, and then Dynasty Warriors vol 2. Got EXIT DS for the DS, of course lol. And that's about it O.o

2 remarks you left for me!:

Anonymous said...

Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles ?!?!?!?
if so... WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanna psp! D:

And a PS3! D:

and you! ^//////^
Bahahahaha! i had to exit the post comment word verification because the word was 'butfani' Bahahahahaha! that is high-lary-us XD

Dew-chan said...

>=) you bet that's which one it is! i'll take a picture ^.~