R.I.P. Zune

Yes. It's true. The Zune failed to revive after spending a night drying up. I'm afraid the water got in as well as the soap :(
But I'm not giving up hope yet! Wes was a sweetheart, looking up details about others whose Zunes shared the same "drowning fate". He said someone mentioned keeping the Zune submerged in rice for a couple of days. I procrastinated and didn't buy any rice today.. Hopefully I do tomorrow. If not then the next day. . . >.>

Aside from partial depression that I'm now down one MP3 Player [which isn't even a year old yet!], Dad's co-worker made an awesome discovery. A few years ago anyway lol. But today, he told Dad about an awesome mp3 website. The name of it?

It's awesome O_O
MP3s legally to buy for a reallyyy cheap price! I've found plenty of goodies so far, and haven't even spent all the $25 I put down. ^////^ yes yes I know. What happened to the budget?
-plays innocent amnesiac- What budget???? haha...

Anyway, Tuesday morning, get to have an eye exam. I'm worried. . . not about the exam, but about the fact that it's a mere two hours before I have to go to work!!! AYEEEE!!! Oh well, I'll keep something as proof for why I was late XD Hopefully they don't do something drastic!!! O_O I need this job!!

Hmmm... aside from that, nothing else exciting has happened.

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