Just wanted to speak out for no real reason except I'm bored and confused about stuff.

Lately I've been tired; and today I've been really cranky. Sure I'll crack a smile every once in a while, but for the most part I've just wanted to crack something other than a smile :P
Could be that 'time of the month', idk....

So just on the off-hand, in case I do something stupid... I'm sorry.

3 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

WOOT! I can post again!!!

*hugs* You know, I have been feeling the same way! Its prolly just us being hormonal! At least that is going to be my excuse! :)

Weston said...

ok, keep this comment style layout! i love it XD

And you are entitled to have off days bunny :P you may scare some people sithless <.<


but still, you are allowed to be cranky ^^ -hugs-

K. Rene said...

you like this type of comment posting, wes?

eh i'm not doing anything to the layout but posting from now on. pYzam just isn't working i guess -sigh-

hehehehe... like family? XD they thought i was about to bite their heads off during dinner! LOL

not mom and dad's... just bro's. he likes to annoyingly crunch his chips T_T