Vroooom Vrooom!

I love Burnout Paradise ^_^
The entire Burnout series is exactly my kinda game: good tunes, racing.... but its a racing game where crashing, for the most part anyway, gives you extra points! :D Perfecto! ^_^ As I always loved racing games, but am notorious for crashing X_X A LOT!!!

As for that book with the long name... Thomas Covenant Book 01, we shall call it... I can't get past the first-middle of chapter 2. It's losing my interest already!!! So, because of its failure, I went back to the book I'd started weeks ago and had to renew at the library: Twilight. So far I went from Chapter 4 to Chapter 6. So yeah... Hopefully I finish this book ^^ I'd like to declare happiness and victory over finishing at least ONE book !!! XD

If it isn't Twilight, then perhaps it will be the awesome book that is Steve Alten's fourth installment to his MEG series. Can't wait!!!! :D

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~avie~ said...

Racing games? Remember Outrun? I loved that game!

Finish that vampire book for goodness sakes!

Weston said...

Racing games i love.

Top Gear 2
Mario Kart (all)
Fatal Inertia
Pod Racer
Hydro Thunder
(eh... Diddy Kong holds some nostalgic memories ^^)
Wes & Dee Extreme Racing: Tru Lovers Edition

err... <.<
Wait.... I just made that up ^//////^

Meg! =D
Twilight -barfs-

K. Rene said...

clean up your barfing, weston! >=O

i love the first top gear, not a big fan of the second. mario kart rocks! XD
hydro thunder!!! Pod racer! hehehe
wipeout series is awesome... some Ridge Racer... Midnight Club 2 and up are good; Burnout. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2...

Diddy Kong Racing!!! ZOMG! XD hahaha
we have a few others, but i can't think of them atm :P

F-zero. the only one i like is the SNES version ^_^