Anime OSTs

Well I just finished putting and rearranging my CDs for about the thousandth time :P
I've gained quite a few over the past decade since collection--I'm guestimating the time, I can't precisely point the date of my first CD purchase unfortunately. But only recently have I become obsessed with J-pop, J-rock, and anime soundtracks.

And that leads to my question. Do you have any anime soundtracks? Any Japanese artist's cds stashed somewhere in your home/room? If so, tell me! ^_^ Any recommendations of artists? Places to buy?

I will post a few pictures of my anime osts. And if I ever get the time and room, you will definitely see a set of pictures of my 900+ cd collection. Might do a video showing them all when I reach number 1,000 ^_^ I know I want to do something special for sure! :D

4 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

OH! I love the new look!!!

YES! I have LOTS of OSTs!!! Lets seee.... I have about 7 Narutos, Inuyasha, 2 Samurai Champloo.... I think I have more but that is all I can think of atm!

Dew-chan said...

wow! =D
and thanks! ^^

Ryn said...

i have lots of OSTs as well ^^ FF7: Advent Children, Zelda, Samurai Champloo, .hack//sign, FLCL, Fruits Basket, Digi Charat, Outlaw Star, and a few others that i cant think of haha

Dew-chan said...

zomg DIGI CHARAT!!!!!! =D