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I think I've used asterisk before as a title, so I quickly changed it to something else.... Like... IDK.... whatever it is now lol

Hmmm I haven't said much lately, but that's because 1) nothing to say, and 2) was busy at work :P Conversation is interesting at work during the weekdays. I'm always working with the same/different people. I picked up a shift for a sickie on Monday, so for the first time in a while, I was working with a guy whom I shall name "C" ^_^ I don't even remember what we talked about.... hahaha. Random things though, I guess? Movies might have popped up. That subject is always popping up... well, I work at a movie theater, so it can't be helped ;P Tonight I worked with "S" :) We chatted about a few things... of course, I can't remember a single one of them right now. On Thursday, it's double fun: Pay day! and I work with fellow "otaku" "M" ^^ I don't think he considers himself an otaku, despite having seen a LOT more recent anime than myself.

Which randomly brings me to the topic of. . . forgetting my topic that I had planned before rambling about co-workers and not even remembering subjects.... :P

Does forgetfulness rank as kawaii to you? Moe? Or just plain annoying? XD

Lately I've been tuned into a variety of channels/stations on LAST.FM
Anyone use it? I've been using it lately for j-pop/j-rock. And have discovered I'm not too keen on miyavi as I thought I could be. Gackt is still a favorite; L'arc-En-Ciel and their alter ego P'unk-En-Ciel rank top, along with T.M. Revolution, An Cafe, and a few others that I've just discovered or already knew about. One being my new fave Boom Boom Satellites ^_^

Hmmm... no recent anime purchases, except for THE COMPLETE SAILOR MOON. IN JAPANESE!!! ON DVD!!!!!! (as you recall I have all movies and a few episodes on VHS) I just don't have it yet TT_TT I don't even think it's been sent. :P HURRYYY YOU RIDICULOUS PERSON YOU!!! XD

I finished Bleach Season 1 a few days ago. I wish I had Season 2, just to see what happens next. I wouldn't rank it as a top five fave like the recent ones (Death Note, Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, Robotech, and Fushigi Yuugi), but it is worth watching I think ^_^ Made me laugh out loud a few times. which is bad, because I'd be the only one awake, and my laugh isn't exactly the softest one in the world.... ;P

Hmmm... so that's about all for now. Later!

(BTW I'm basing my title partially on the song by Orange Range)

4 remarks you left for me!:

Anonymous said...

Hehe, C, M, and S! :P

Yeah, I've heard of Last.Fm, but used it to hunt for more Max Richter music. >_>

You bought the whole Sailor Moon series. o.o Wow!

~avie~ said...

AWESOME new purchase! You are getting so much cool stuffs! XD!

Pred said...

I laugh because i own a much cooler Yu-Gi-Oh collection than you!!! :3

Dew-chan said...

i have Yu-Gi-Oh osts. does that count? :P