Mayo?! who said Mayo?! =D
i really could use some on my sandwich. but since I have a lackthereof of mayo, I'm using ranch.
Yes. Ranch. as in ranch dressing. the stuff i LOVE to put on everything and apparently anything :P

But let's get serious. . . actually I can't get serious :P that makes me laugh.
Talk about random blog >.>
All I wanted to do was wish everyone a happy Cinco de Mayo ^_^ Ah there we go! the blog has done it's purpose. and now it's time to shout something random. well not really shout.... O.o More like....


^_^ tomorrow I'm getting Patapon 2. wootness! =D i would get it today but i have no time T_T dumb work!!!! D:
anyway, happy May Fifth :D

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Anonymous said...

What's "Patapon 2"? o.o

Dew-chan said...

the second in a series, perhaps series--well now it is .. ehm, anyway... it's the sequel to the PlayStation Portable [PlayStation's handheld system] game called Patapon.

here's a video link ^^

it's like a beat and rhythm kinda game :)

~avie~ said...


You know what is REEEAAALLLY good on sandwiches? Green Goddess dressing.... OMGWTBBBQ that stuff is soooo win!!!!

Dew-chan said...

oooo really?? =D i'll have to try it sometime! :D