Death Note: Rewrite

Yes you heard me.
I just recently discovered this, and was highly tempted to buy it. Apparently it is the retelling of Death Note. The first volume, Death Note Rewrite: Visionary God [or maybe Death Note Re:Light: Visions of a God, or something like that] is put through the point of view of Ryuk, the shinigami who is with Light 'til the very end [which i hated, being an avid Light fan hehe] But anyway.... Back on course:

It retells the story, adding new scenes and whatnot to it. Ryuk tells it through his point of view up to the part where we are introduced to Near and Mello.
It ends there.

And that is where volume two [not yet released here, I think], picks up. L's Successors is what it is called. I'm unsure whose point of view is used here. I'm assuming Near and Mello.

But anyway, just thought I would tell you guys of this little find I had. I wonder if you knew about it before me?

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~avie~ said...

Nope! Never heard of this! Book? Novel? Manga? Anime? What is it!?

Links please!

Dew-chan said...

I made another blog just for that, Avie ^^