e-books and sea monsters

I think I like them ^^
I have the Amazon Kindle application added to my iTouch, and last night I downloaded the book I've been looking forward to ever since I discovered it was coming out. For those who know, congratulations! Yes.... It's MEG: HELL'S AQUARIUM by Steve Alten!!!

I know what you're thinking.... "oh gosh she's picked up another book? what happened to Twilight and that other one???" Well, unfortunately they had to go back to the library and haven't since been picked back up by me. Mostly because I returned them LATE by accident XD So now I have a loverly late fee T_T Darn it!!!!
But anyway.... This e-book has about 14-ish chapters I think? I'd look but then this blog would never be finished until I complete the book hehehe.... Anyway, presently I am at Chapter 8!!!! =D
I love this book! It has prehistoric monsters, and this certain installation reminds me vaguely of a plot part in the Jurassic Park movie/books ^^ So yes... I'm in a sea monster mood.

My new wallpaper is a chart of sketches of sea monsters from prehistoric times. Poor Meg, carcharodon megalodon is the scientific name ;) , is actually dwarfed by what is suppose to be a filter feeder named Leedsichthys. There's quite a few others about the size of the prehistoric shark. If you care to look them up... Giant Mosasaur, Basilosaurus, and Xiphactinus are a few of the cool looking ones.

And if you looked them up, you would have noticed that, yes, they are carnivorous XD I just have a thing for sea monsters that have a nice BITE ^^

Hope you can read the names by the sea monsters! This is actually the picture I have using as the wallpaper for my laptop ^_^ I'm hoping to google-find a better one.

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~avie~ said...

INTERESTING!!!! I had no idea about the sea monsters! I like the little chart! ^^

Yeah for itouches and kindle! ^^

Anonymous said...

Sea monsters... o.o