No I am not sick... Though Friday and Saturday I wasn't feeling too well. I'm better now, so no worries ^_^ Thanks for concerns, though! :D I love my friends ♥ ;)

Uhm, got off track, whoops ^///^ Anyway... The title says FEVER because I've got... taaaa-daaaa!!!!

YES!!!! That is definitely DJ MAX EMOTIONAL SENSE FEVER!!!! =D
My new favorite game ^_^
I stayed up wayyy late just playing this! So far I'm a Level 15. Unless it changed/up'ed when I wasn't looking :P
And for those who want to know my favorite songs are the following:
Fallen Angel, Ladymade Star, Good Bye, Mess It Up, Syriana, Squeeze, stay with me, WhiteBlue, and End of Moonlight. I might be missing some, but I think that's all of them :P

ANNDDDDD.... on Friday I think it was... I got the most awesome CD yet! =D This is going for the trade I made with my mom for my XBOX 360. Along with the complete Death Note--yes I am going to blog when I get that. Rant and rave and shout to the heavens! I might even do a video!!! LOL---I also got T.M.Revolution's Coordinate CD!!!

Why am I so happy? Well, I'm a big T.M. Revolution fan. This is, unfortunately, only the second CD I have from him. Working on getting the others ^_^ But the main reason is becauseeeee it includes my all time allllll timeeeee faaaavoriteeeee song!!!!!

So yes.. The moment I got the CD, I put it in the computer. And then I put it on iTunes.... Mostly so that I could have it on the iPod--whenever that happens haha--but it would instantly go to the Zune without me having to rip the CD twice :P So yes, the moment I could, it went automatically to the Zune :D Which I've been using day in and day out since it's resurrection from the rice LOL

Hmmmm, that's about it. I'll keep everyone updated about the Death Note complete series!

2 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

Tell me more about that game! What is it? What system is it for?

Dew-chan said...

it's a sort of cross between guitar hero and DDR ^_^
it's for the PSP [PlayStation Portable]