Yep it came in the mail like six hours ago. LOL. And I have since been playing with it since I came home from work ^_^
So far I've figured it out, with a few helpful tips along the way XD So I'm managing nicely with my new toy: A few snapshots --- can't resist lol

Yep, I'm listening to Daft Punk's ALIVE album. The best so far ^_^ Wish I could see them live.
Anyway, no news yet on the arrival of the Sailor Moon Japanese complete. You'll know when it comes. This place will be swamped with pictures of it! hehehe

3 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

iTouch FTW!!!!!! You need a Kakashi sticker on it like mine has! MWAH AH HA HA!!!

GIRL - I am going to be in Dallas next week! Wave to your East and I will wave to my West!

Dew-chan said...

-waves- awwwwww :P we so need to hook up! XD

Kakashi sticker? i was thinking more like Light or maybe even Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Stare complete cast... or... maybe the skins me and mom were looking at. there was this wickedly cool dragon one O_O

~avie~ said...

These are for iPhones but will fit ur touch... I have bought from this guy before and the stickers are good quality:


...and yes... you need a Kakashi sticker! I have a chibi kakashi on my iTouch and on the iPhone is Yami Yugi and Kuriboh! ^^