Peculiar connection?

Now i can only wonder as i lay in bed, on my itouch, whether my lack of being able to sleep may be connected to one or two things.

One being cut off from Wes. He is unable to communicate with me because of lack of funds for bills XD this is both annoying and maddening. I'm sure everyone who knows me can guess why. Secondly, tomorrow... Or rather today, is memorial day. There's a sale going on at my favorite store throughout this entire weekend, ending Monday--memorial day. And as i have the day off, i am going to three--yes, three!!!!---of the nearby HPB :D already got to go to one of them on Sunday. I got a jpop cd i was ecstatic to have found, and part8 of the japanese One Piece set.

Hmmmm....could be a combo of the two. You think ;)

Anyway so concludes my 3:30 in the morning rambling. Going to try to get in a few winks of sleep hopefully.... If not, i just might finish that meg book..... XD

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~avie~ said...

AWWW NO!!!! Wes had his phone shut off??? Dude - that sucks... Well, be strong and patient, hon! You guys will be back communicating in no time! *huggles*

ZOMG! What CD did you get? Part 8 of OP? You mean the manga or the DVDs?

Please post pics and DETAILED descriptions about what u get today!!! THATS AN ORDER!!

Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Dew-chan said...

Of course! And for op i mean the dvd XD
Will picture post the cd :D

Dew-chan said...

He might get back in a month... XD talk about testing patience!

-salutes- you got it captain avie! LOL