reasons to be jealous of me... MEMORIAL DAY PURCHASES! :D

Here by popular demand---and because I want to show off how much anime I have, LOL!!!!---is the entirety of the goodies I got at Half Price Books "today". Put that in quotes because technically, Memorial Day was yesterday, but oh well.....

And yes, I will detail and even tell you how much I paid for each item. Some will be grouped together because, well, because they can be :P

So here we go. . . --sorry, Lia, no vlog like I suggested earlier. Might do one another time though. I'm just feeling lazy about this haha.

Up first is the manga. Stacked up on the picture below, there's going to be separate ones after as you can see. Most of these I paid $3.00 each for. With except of the Rurouni Kenshin mangas--which were at another HPB, for a dollar a piece.

And here's more detailed pictures of their front covers:

I was so happy to have another addition to my Samurai Deeper Kyo and Rurouni Kenshin collection ^^ The others are new additions :D Et Cetera looked quite funny; Cy-believers looked interested; and Her Majesty's Dog, for some reason I just had to have it. IDK why..... There were actually a whole lot other mangas at the HPB where I got most of the manga at, however, lack of funds crippled the overdose of mangas....
Before I get to the animes I got... Let's see just exactly WHY the manga buying was crippled.
At a HPB before the manga-buying one.... My mom, who was with me, yeah ^^, discovered a tower of J-pop, chinese pop, K-pop and other goodies from the East :D T_T however, most of these were NOT deliciously one dollar or even three dollars---save one Aaron Kwok, CD which was a dollar. A tower of CDs I had to dwindle down because, as a total, it had actually almost went to TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!!!!! ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!! As it is, I spent just about a hundred there--buying CDs alone! Most were six dollars each. Minus the lovely 20% off, so I only ended up spending just a little below a hundred ($94? or $96? i can't remember, and the receipt's hiding from me). Anyway.... pictures and details as promised :D

Aaron Kwok CDs. I scored three CDs--one of which was only a dollar. weee! :D

The latter of those shown is the dollar CD. It's on its side to better show the cover. Now I haven't heard of Aaron Kwok before, but he's pretty cool. He has a good voice, and the tunes are like a cross between ballad and pop. One of the songs from the FEARLESS VS FUTURE cd was pretty dancelicious LOL. Another reminded my Mom kind of Elvis Presley XD Except in Chinese!? LOL!!!

Anyway..... farther on....

This is the Ekin Cheng cd I have. Again, kinda Chinese pop-ish. Ekin Cheng has a pretty good voice. Hopefully on my next day off I can do clips of these groups for you guys, so you can hear for yourself :D

This next-coming CD is by miho komatsu

J-pop. Definitely. I liked it, which I suspected I would. The look itself, front and back cover, makes me think something J-pop (most of which I love and enjoy) Wasn't disappointed at all with that buy ^_^

This next CD is by S.E.S.
I have to admit that the only song I've really listened to is one I surprisingly knew. I'm assuming I knew it from an anime of some sort.... the song is called "dreams come true"

I found the URL just for you guys. Listen to the song and let me know if it is from an anime or not.... maybe it's just an amv I heard....

(okay I just paid attention to the comments on that song.... someone down there said it was a cover song.... if it's a cover to one horribad rap song I found... I say S.E.S.'s song is over nine thousand times better!!!!!.... did I mention I've been trying to find DBZ season at HPB and have been listening to "Cha la head cha la" over and over on my iTouch???.....)

This next CD is actually NOT Japanese nor Chinese.
It's French.

Not bad, but not awesome. Not a hundred percent sure if it was worth six dollars, but I kept it anyway because apparently it wasn't worth getting rid of either. LOL

The next CD was the ONLY one my mom recognized out of the enormous pile she discovered for me.

Need I say more? ;)

Yoko Ishida's CD wasn't a disappointing buy either.

Maaya Sakamoto's CD is good too ^^

East Asia Travelogue is a compilation of songs from around the East Asian part [duhhhh LOL]. Basically instrumentals, a few chants and vocals. Not sure if it was worth the six dollars but I kept it because of an awesome song on there:
Miyazawa "Chimuguri Utasha". Sorry if I misspelled that. The "o"s and "a"s on that disc's back cover are hard to tell apart T_T

....can you tell I'm getting tired? XD hahahaha!!!!

Brief run-throughs....
I like all these CDs.... and Avie, the last ones you should like ;)

That's right... UTADA HIKARU!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I soooo didn't mind paying six dollars a piece for those CDs. They had the "Exodus" cd, but I already have it XD In case you can't read it---hasn't previewed this post yet-- the CDs are "Distance", "First Love" and "Deep River".

And nowwwww.... ANIMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
The very last HPB we went to, I uncovered a PILE---isn't kidding---of THREE DOLLAR ANIME DVDS!!!! These aren't the cheap stuff either. Well... at least I didn't think so. Again, lack of enough of funds deprived me of a handful-pile of these three dollar dvds. :P soooo disappointed but oh well! :D

^_^ first up is the DVD set I bought first on the spree: Madlax complete.

Thirty five dollars, minus the twenty percent off.

Next up is the only buy at the one where I got the mangas: for only six dollars--minus the twenty percent *refuses to do the math*---is a movie I've been wanting to get since I saw it. Steamboy.

Next up is one of the three dollar DVDs:
Samurai 7, volume 1.

More three dollar DVDs:
the last Gundam Seed movie I needed to get: The Empty Battlefield.
Both pictures ended up with flash spots X_X
-still listening to dreams come true on iTouch ^^-

Another three dollar per dvd set:
I think this one is complete? Not sure though, mostly because I didn't really look at the back of the discs XD I just knew I wanted to see it.
Stellvia Foundation

And the last of the three dollar a DVD fun....
ALMOST complete Gundam Seed Destiny T_T
confound it, I tried and tried, searching five times for the ONLY one missing from this set. VOLUME TWO!!!!!! XD

These aren't overly cheap, but I think they're cheaper than buying them anywhere else---unless you manage to go to Goodwill and land the DVDs as a set for only six dollars a piece *kids you not... has already been there and done that hehe*

I just had to have this one XD
I know a lot of Fullmetal Panic fans probably don't much care for this set, but I had to have it.
For fifteen dollars--do the math yourself and deduct twenty percent.

And what better companion for my Rurouni Kenshin mangas and DVDs *bought some time ago* than this:

Alas... we have come to the last item I bought--so to speak XD
I nearly flipped seeing this. Some people don't realize, but I love what i've seen from this series. It isn't my Lucky Star or Death Note passion, but just one of those animes I could watch over again and still like ^_^

COMPLETE Argentosoma. Twenty dollars *minus 20%* [oh... Samurai X was fifteen-and-such....]

Well.... that's about it. I can only hope that you guys enjoy and weather through this LONGGGGG blog. For one thing.... I didn't post it when it says I did. That's when I started writing!!!!
This was finished on estimated 3:15am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would add a little fun of pictures I took of the cards I bought a day or so ago.... But I guess that can wait for another post. Anyway.... later and LOVE YOUR ANIME!!!!!!! :D

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~avie~ said...

All of that for $100!!!! That is a good deal!! You leave me speechless with how much awesomeness you found!!!

Anonymous said...

No kidding...o_o
And you got Gundam Seed too!

Dew-chan said...

more like an estimated $200+ for all that stuff. but yes O_O

-cough- gundam seed DESTINY, KA ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, that said Gundam Seed Destiny? I was only looking at the pictures. >_>'

Are you going to watch it? GSD, I mean?

Dew-chan said...

but of course! O_O
well we can pretend you were talking about just the movie---which is Gundam Seed. i just thought of that AFTER i sent that comment XD