Sailor Moon ^_^

Well, FINALLY got the chance to get pictures done. And on the digital camera, so they don't look fuzzy and out of focus. But before we get down to business... here's a pic I did just for Avie for no real reason actually LOL
My Twelve Girls Band CDs ^^

Okay, now that I had a bit of random fun.... It's time for what you've been waiting for: SAILOR MOON!!!!
It's complete. Japanese audio, English subtitles. Included even the three movies--which I already have on VHS, but oh well! :D

^_^ That's all of them, neatly stacked and then rowed on the bed--my usual backdrop nowadays LOL--So here they are in detail =o Starting with "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon" Perfect Collection, Uncut Version. Seasons 1 and then 2 ^^

And now, the movies ^_^ Uncut Special Edition. still in the original Japanese, English subtitles. There are some--haven't watched them all yet--that supposedly also have English audio.

And now..... the others! ^_^
Sailor Moon S: The Perfect Collection; Original Uncut Version

Sailor Moon SuperS: Pegasus Complete Collection--again, special uncut version ^^

And last but not least...Sailor Moon Pretty Soldier: Sailor Stars

^_^ And so there you have it, ladies and gents! :D MY SAILOR MOON COLLECTION!!!!!!
>.> Which, to my surprise and curious delight, had a little somethin' special included: a 10-pack TCG pack of cards from InuYasha. Series is called Jaki? Don't know much about cards XD hahaha But I thought it was neat ^^
Anyway, that's all! :D Until next time! LOVE YOUR ANIME!!!!!!

4 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

YIPPEE!!! I luv 12 Girls Band! Thanks for my very own pic! ^^

ZOMG - you have so much Sailor Moon anime... I'm speechless X__x

~avie~ said...

OH, and I totally get your cheeky joke... "^_^" Did SM see it??

Anonymous said...

No kidding! That's a LOT of Sailor Moon alright. o_o
Did you buy all of it at one time, or has this collection been growing for a while? ^^

Dee said...

I got it all at once. $200 :D