the votes are in. . . .

VOILA! As promised! :D
The CDs you voted for me to picture-post on here ^^
Thanks for everyone who decided to vote :)

And now, without any more waiting... hereeee they are! :D

For Avie, she requested numbers 9, 28, 79, 256.
#9~Earthsuit--Kaleidoscope Superior

Despite being one of the first CDs I ever bought at the store *later I only HPB buy them hehe*, I STILL enjoy the tunes of this hard-to-describe group that no longer is together. The members have parted into two different bands, one--MuteMath--is featured a song on the Twilight movie I believe. As far as I know, Kaleidoscope Superior is the only CD Earthsuit put out. What a shame....

#28~various artists--Holiday Classics

Yes, I did get this CD in a box of Chex.... XD
It was during the Holiday season, of course. Has some fairly decent tunes. I think I might have another version with different songs somewhere in my stash....

#79~DDRMax Soundtrack

Ironic, how #79 turned out to be my DDR soundtrack! XD I thought that kinda funny, considering how much Avie enjoys playing DDR on her iTouch/iPhone ^^
I've had this CD for quite some time. It was one of those Free display cds at Toys'r'us doing a trip up to Oklahoma to visit relatives. That was back when I didn't have an MP3 player, so I totted around all my CDs in a nifty case and listened via CD player ^^ I wore this cd out because of one song I just was addicted to. The last track on the CD: "Look to the Sky (True Color Extended Mix)" by System S.F. feat. ANNA.

#256~various artists--Glory Grooves

Basically... a CD I don't often listen to. Christian groups with a disco-ish feel, basically.

For King Ashura, the request was numbers 21, 53, 203, 900:
#21~Rebecca St. James--Transform

This CD was my all-time favorite for the longest time. I was ECSTATIC when I got it, as I had watched the music video for the song "Reborn" almost a thousand times. I still remember the lyrics..... Favorite female Christian artist, too, Rebecca St. James---I own almost all her CDs.


The "Best of" by Christian group dcTalk.

#203~various artist--Simply Fabulous

Just another "Simply...." various artist CD that I have. Purchased at the thrift store for maybe a dollar or two, can't remember exactly.


Infamous number 900! :D I love this group ^^ Their songs are a blend of classical and dance; this CD remixes a lot of their good stuff, but it doesn't butcher them like some remix cds.

For Wes, the requested numbers were 1, 69, 83, 123:
#1~Jaci Velasquez--Jaci Velascquez

CD number 1 has been through a LOT. My cousin ended up with it somehow, and it's definitely not in as good a shape as it could have been if the little thief hadn't taken it >.> The CD is scratched HORRIBADLY, and I believe the back part listing the songs is completely gone. -_- poor CD. The copyright date is very roughly set around 1997. I bought this CD new, mind you. So we can estimate that I started collecting around '97/'98!! :D

#69~Jump5--All The Time In The World

Another CD that I bought brand new at a store called Family Christian Stores. Back then, that was the ONLY place I bought my stuff at. Don't remember the exact first CD I bought at Half Price Books... But I do know that after that day, I rarely bought CDs new! XD

#83~various artist--New Music Now: Fall Sampler

CD i got free with the purchase of another CD that had a song featured on this sampler. I often got free samplers back then....

#123~Switchfoot--Beautiful Letdown

I enjoyed a lot of the songs on this CD ^^ It is one of the few that me and my dad both have a copy of.

AnbuIce requested numbers 5, 7, 77, 777:
#5~various artist--Simply Spectacular

Just another "Simply..." something... LOL

#7~Carmen--Mission 3:16

The title of this CD was one of the best songs on that disc. The music video was interesting too ^^ a kinda twist of James Bond meets the verse from John 3:16.

#77~ZOEgirl--Mix Of Life: REMIXED

Basically, back then, I was only into Christian music. But I loved dance tunes. So whenever I spotted a remix CD, I was always into it! :D ZOEgirl was also a favorite dance-ish group too, so naturally I bought this... new.


I was actually verrryyy close to buying this when it first came out. Back when the controversy started. It was at the Christian store I mentioned above, and I came close to getting it but didn't. Shortly after, the group or someone/some people/some THING... whichever.. claimed that they weren't Christian and whatnot, so the CDs were removed from Christian stores. naturally that was a no-no to buy :P Some years later, I find it cheap at Half Price Books. ^^

Kajiuragoddess requested numbers 51, 151, 515, 619:
#51~various artist--WOW GOLD: disc 01

Wow Gold is a variety of two-discs of classic Christian rock.

#151~Paul Colman Trio--New Map of the World

Paul Colman Trio is a good group, but this is the only CD that I have of theirs. Curiously, this disc of my collection is rather in a paper "case", not the usual jewel case.

#515~The Undecided--The Undecided

The Undecided is a Christian punk band. I usually forget that I have this CD. XD

#619~Vivaldi's FOUR SEASONS

Vivaldi's Four Seasons is one of my all-time favorite Classical pieces.

and lastly, Kami Akai requested numbers 13, 32, 159, 469:

Raze's POWER cd is the second of only three that the group would have out *of course I have all three*. They have since parted ways. One, Mizzie, started a solo career.

#32~various artist--Seltzer2

Seltzer2 is the second of three single-disc cds of various Christian rock-ish groups. I have all three.

#159~Plus One--Exodus

Plus One's EXODUS cd was the first of their 'trio' group. Once a five-guy band, two of them went off on different paths. This "Plus One" group is more rock than the pop Christian Backstreet Boys sort of CDs they had before *yes I have both of the ones from before, and also Backstreet Boys CDs! hehe*

#469~Everything But The Girl--Missing: Remix EP

This particular CD by Everything but the Girl is just the song "Missing" in a variety of remixes.

And that's it! :D
Hope that satisfied your hungers... if not... list another number! I'd be more than happy to snapshot and blog-post it in upcoming blog posts :D

7 remarks you left for me!:

Anonymous said...

The only one I recognized and really perked up after seeing it, was the Vivaldi: Four Seasons CD. ^_^

This was fun! ^^

Dew-chan said...

yes it was :D

i should do it again sometime ^^
was hoping for better selections. turned up mostly as Christian stuff from years ago XD before I ventured to the secular area >=D
jk XD hahahaha

~avie~ said...

I have a lot to say about this post *clears throat*

1. You have a ton of christian music!! I listened to a lot too when I was younger as all other music was a sin according to my parents! Carmen, DC Talk... I think I owned all of their CDs. Now a days, I still like Wayne Watson, David Meece, and Charlie Peacock.

2. DDR RULES!!!!

3. You have family in Oklahoma and never told me this??? Where??

Dew-chan said...

in a small town south of Tulsa I think? near the border so the entire ride is just going through Texas! LOL

Henrietta ^^ where everyone knows everyone! :3
and the gossip is always on my great-grandma's tongue XD

~avie~ said...

I know where Henrietta is! i think it is west and south of where I live.

Dew-chan said...

ooooo :O really????

Anonymous said...

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