anime is absent in this blog post

O_O i just realized something. . . .
Every day, for at least an hour or so.... I get the hiccups! XD

Anyway.... work in the next two days and who knows when else--as I don't know the knew schedule until I'm there tomorrow. I'm just hoping I can handle working. . . Right now I'm coughing and occasionally sneezing. But I know how this trip of sickness goes. about a week or so into it is how long it lasts. Starts with a sore throat, begins with coughing, and then the next two-three days... it's the nose trouble T_T Which means, come tomorrow.... I'm going to be sneezing my head off!!!
Thank GOOODNESSS I'm just in box office and not concession! . . . Unlesss. . . they have me back there with the concessionists. Oh wouldn't that be smart! XD

Thinking about a new job again. I really need one. I can't handle so many hours of work! It's just too much :(
Anyway, nothing else knew.... -sigh-
Later everyone

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~avie~ said...

HEY DEWY-DEW!!! I miss you on AD! Hope you come back soon!!

And I hope you feel better! Please... no sneezes on the popping corn... X__x

Dew-chan said...

don't worry i won't :P
i'm in box now, it seems, so i'm away from the popcorn. yeah! ^_^

yeah i miss you guys on AD too :(

Anonymous said...

I hope you can find a new job, too! All these work hours - not enough time to rest before it's time to be heading off to work again. =/ Hang in there, hope you feel better soon. ^_^