XD that was ingenius if I do say so myself.....

But anyway, it has finally come to reality. A blog featuring my anime and manga list! ^^ It's allll the stuff I have; so check on it every so often, as I'll update it whenever I get something new :D

anyway, here's the link!

Dew-chan's Anime and Manga List Blog!


2 remarks you left for me!:

~avie~ said...

WAHHH!!!! What a list!! How long did that take you?? I luv all of the icons on the sidebar! KAWAIIIIIII!!!!

So you like Mikami, eh?

Dew-chan said...

he's one of my favorites on the anime! :D

took my hours to do the first take, but i have since kept up with it on a word pad on my computer :D hehehe but yeah, took me forever @_@

hehehe thanks! ^^ it needed something so i decided to put anime icons :)