back from vacation :)

Well this weekend was.... interesting to say the least! The best part was on Sunday and Saturday. Monday was an utter flop :P Except for getting to eat at Dairy Queen ^^

Saturday morning we left for Houston/Galveston. Arrived somewhere around noonish? Headed off and discovered the wonderful Half Price Books. I got an armload and then some of new mangas. Not a single anime DVD to my surprise! I got five CDs at the last HPB we went to, on Sunday. Anyway, before I pop in on the awesome mangas I got.... Here's a few random pics I snapped throughout the trip ^_^

Yes, sandals. Mine to be exact ^^ They hurt my feet something bad though. Which stinks because they're pretty awesome :) I don't even know why I took this picture. . . hahaha!

Galveston's Moody Gardens. I had to take a snapshot of these awesome pyramid shaped buildings :D We went to the aquarium O_O And let's see.... I took a bunch of photos and a few videos. My favorites were the ones I took in the tunnel. Sharks! :D
Let's see if one of the videos will work. No sound, because it was taken via digital camera, not video camera XD

Not sure what video clip I picked. But it had a picture of one of the five or so sharks that was in the tunnel part. That was the best part. We spent around two hours in there, taking pictures and stuff ^_^
Here's a few more videos :D

[make that just one :P]
Videos take a while, so I'll just dash on to continuing.
Anyway, naturally I had a blast at the Half Price Books. But only some were fun--we went to maybe four? There were others we didn't go to :( Sad sad... oh well....

Anyway..... without much more wait, because we all know you're eager to find out what all I got... ;)
Here it is!!!!
I bought the majority at one half price books that had a shelf upon shelf of manga clearanced from one to three dollars. Then! In the regular unclearanced section of mangas, Mom told me that they had marked their manga down from the usual five dollars!!! So naturally I looked, and to my utter excitement, I found the following!!!!!

At two different HPB, I found volume 2 of Azumanga Daioh; and at the other I found vol 3 and 4! :D COMPLETION!
But it was that one HPB that rocked the trip! ^_^
Here is the rest of them that I got: all propped up to pose on a dresser at the hotel room...

Because I think it might be hard to see what all is stacked up... Here we have the list :)
Altogether, with a coupon of minus 20% off entire purchase, the majority of that *not including the AzuDaioh mangas* is about $81 :D

Azumanga Daioh ~ volumes 2, 3, 4
Blazin' Barrels ~ volume 5
Bleach ~ volumes 8, 10
Chobits ~ volume 6
Death Note ~ volumes 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10
Dragon Hunter ~ volumes 5, 6, 7, 8, 11
Gate Keepers ~ volume 1
Gundam The Last Outpost ~ volume 2
Gundam Wing ~ volumes 1, 2
Gundam Seed ~ volume 1
Gundam Seed Astray ~ volume 3
InuYasha ~ volumes 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 18, 19, 23
Rurouni Kenshin ~ volumes 9, 14, 25
Samurai Deeper Kyo ~ volumes 8, 14
Slayers ~ volumes 2, 3
Slayers: Super-Explosive Demon Story ~ volume 7
Tenchi Muyo! Sasami Stories
Trigun: Maximum ~ volume 5
Yu Yu Hakusho ~ volumes 4

----I'm soooo going to have fun arranging the first anime shelf to fit all the new additions! XD time for rearranging! :D Good thing I'm getting rid of a bunch of other books.... Leaves an empty spot on my other shelves ^^

Well anyway, that's about all. I'm going to compose all the videos taken and pictures into a youtube video and use a CD i got as the background music. The CD is based off of the music used in the Monterey Bay Aquarium ^_^

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~avie~ said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH!! I am glad you are back! I was wondering when you would show up again!!

Glad you had a nice trip (except for Monday)! DQ is awesome and I never get to go so I can share your excitement on that one!

All that manga is awesome! What CDs did you get?

Dew-chan said...

let's see... CDs would be...
"Sharks: Myth and Myster"-music based from the Monterey Bay aquarium

"Shine" by Bond

"Five Stars for Failure" by Joy Electric

"Galactic Conquest" by EleventySeven

"How Can We Be Silent by BarlowGirl


Kami Akai said...

OMG!!! You keep finding the best buys ever! I'm so envious!

Ryn said...

my brother got married at moody gardens... i was lookin at the pic like hmm... that looks familiar...

Dew-chan said...

hahaha Ryn XD